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Right we have some pics from Hasbro and Mattel!

Feel free to add anything else you find.

First up, collector barbie mermaid:

She has poly hair though, which is a pity.

New microbraid fashionista.

New DC superhero girls

I'm scared.. hold me.

Supergirl wants to speak to the manager.

Bumblebee looks startled. Like... she KNOWS she's in a terrible reboot.

And finally a new Barbie wheelchair (white bland doll available also). I'm concerned by the waist clip though, I think it'll make play very limiting and is a potential weak spot. Waist clips love to break.

And they damage fragile clothing.

Im'm hoping it can be removed and that it won't leave too much damage behind when you do so. A doll chair OTHER 1/6 dolls could also use would be amazing.

the ramp cracks me up

Because remember the Becky controversy re: the dreamhouse back in the 90s not being wheelchair accessable? Idlehands as usually has good coverage.

the "Mystery career" dolls are... a bit odd.

Barbie helicopter baby! DC

Honestly the lack of articulation on the superhero girls coupled with the glittery mess that is a lot of the outfits, the fact half of them aren't even bloody recognisable (batgirl in her civilian outfit doesn't look like Barbera at all, she looks like a character from an old 90s nick show, it's really weird)

One piece sewn together outfits, PLASTIC capes in some cases.. a lot of plastic crap. Just.. euuugh. No thanks. (since when did Kara SKATE?)

Who even IS purple haired girl? I mean I wanna say Raven but she's smiling and her costume's wrong and the thing says.. Zatana? Zatana doesn't look anything like that. Where's her magician costume? Her hat? Her gloves? Why does she have purple hair when it's usually black or really really dark purpley black? It's a redesign that leaves the character totally unrecognisable which as far as i'm concerned is a massive FAIL in character design. Genuinely, who the hell is that supposed to be?

IF that is Zatana then i'm even angrier about this sodding reboot.

Supergirl's glitsy skirt and angry face are bad enough. (WHy is WW's head smaller than everyone else's?) and it looks like they don't even have accessories (where's Wonder woman's lasso?)

If anything, it feels like Mattel made this franchise even MORE sickeningly girly and vapid. *sigh* such a disappointment.

Batgirl's face is okay, Katana's face looks mostly alright as does WW but they're so babyish and look nothing like the characters they're portraying. They have more in common with those toddler dolls they did for the line.

And static bodies feels like a huge step backward from what the line was.

then again, Mattel's really good at sucking all the joy and quality out of their franchises when they reboot em huh?

I'll stick with watching reruns of Justice League and Young Justice thanks.

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Okay....Candylocks. Makes sense, but I still like my name better! LOL!  ;)

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The Whispering Wolf / Wolfie


Oh. I was in Wal*Mart yesterday, and I saw the SnapStars dolls, live. They really are out-of-proportion-looking, with their oversized heads....and their super tiny bodies! Wow! There are almost no words for how weird those new dolls look, but let's just say that I predict that they're either gonna flop majorly, or they're gonna become the newest fascination, a la the Bratz.

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The Whispering Wolf / Wolfie

Little late to the party in the response to this thread, so sorry. But thank you purple_monkfish for the thread and pics of the new Barbies. One of the few things I'm looking forward to this fall is the Fashionista with the prosthetic leg and I'm loving the microbraids Fashionista too. I do have to tell you I was rolling when I read your comment about (white bland doll available also). Thank you, that was hilarious.

Disappointed with the Disney doll being 2pks. I wish Moana and Pocahontas would have been a 2pk, that would of been NICE. They are the only few that don't look crazy eyed.

I agree with Breanna Burton the DC girls just look weird. They look like a doll/action figure hybrid.


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