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Ive Heard that Gooliope is The Radioactive Woman

That was such a disappointing Toy Fair. No unexpected surprises, no actually interesting reveals, except for Freak Du Chic.

Goolioppe is very pretty, with a beautiful design, but I'm not buying a 17" tall doll, regardless of the price.

Freak Du Chic Jinafire.... I'm a huge Jinafire fan but that stupid green flame means there's a hole in her mouth. So I might have to pass. No interest of Frankie or Toralei. However, I am quite smitten with Honey. I was hoping her 2nd doll would be different but she's still pretty.

The Ghoul Fair line.... no thanks.

Boo York, Boo York...

Glad that Elle actually does not look like Spectra. Love her outfit.  She's quite pretty but Spectra is so much more beautiful, lol!

Luna... meh! Nice design but... nope. Not for me. Mouscedes is very cute. A bit too cute. She reminds me of Jem, I think she'd be better suited for Ever After High. lol!

As for Astra Nova... uh.... what a hell of a hot mess, with her head and hair.

The budget line for Boo York, Boo York... no thanks.

Monster Fitness,,, they're cute. Quite pretty. Are they worth spending money on? Not sure.

I hope the next toy fair or comic-con (whichever comes next/first) will be much more satisfying. We didn't get any new unexpected surprises and most of the reveals were simply ok.

yeah, I was really hoping we'd see those exchange girls but nope... *sigh*

There's a few things I will want of course. The new characters (not buying that bloody playset though, Mattel can bite me. I'm not paying that much for a playset i'll never use that'll just take up space just to get a new character. That's just not cool. )

Not a single one of the budget lines appeals to me, they're all so... bland. I dunno.

While I do like Luna and Elle and Gooliope, i'm a little concerned my passion for mh is waning a bit. I just can't summon the same level of "omg omg omg" excitement and don't think i'll be getting any of the dolls that aren't brand new characters. I've hit saturation point of Frankies and Operettas etc.

I really do hope we see those exchange girls soon though, because I really want to know what the heck the green haired girl IS.

Like you, I was hoping real news ... well, we still admired "for real" dolls unveiled on December 31 (+ Gil & Lagoona, Monster Fitness, ...). About 20 "students" extra !
One more thing that was not disclosed on the forum: a new styling head

I think the budget lines are needed to "use" all MH characters (62 different). Also, Spectra Ghoul Spirit, Toralei Freaky Field Trip, Skelita Art Class, to mention a few, are superbs. There are too the deluxe lines and lines midrange as Gloom & Bloom, Freak du Chic, Monster Exchange.
But it's sure that at the level of perfection outfits, details and finishes, Ever After High is by far much better (but I do not like their heads all round). Prices are also there to remind us ^^

Too many Frankie, Draculaura, Clawdeen, yes ... because they are the recurring characters of the serie (Barbie will always be Barbie). Their 17'' version may be a bit like their ultimate release to make way for a new class of students (a new creation of Frankenstein ? A little sister of Draculaura ? More Howleen ? ...).
The school already teeming with students waiting to be in the spotlight (Iris, Manny, Quill, Honor Littleshop, Three-Eyed Ghoul, ...).
NB: do not forget that there will be at least another child gorgonians. After Deuce son of Medusa, Vipérine, daughter of Stheno, the daughter (or son) of Euryale will arrive sooner or later. Perhaps a version a bit like that ?

A nice snake with glasses I'll dream of finding in box   :)

I figured they were the same as Gooliope. You can see she has a joint there in the pictures.

And why another hideous make up head?


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