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Starting tonight with some previews, the annual New York International Toy Fair begins.  Toy Fair is an event held by the entire toy industry to show off the upcoming years wares to retailers so that they can prepare and plan their ordering for the year - including Christmas already! 

Toy Fair is not a public event like a comic con - you cannot attend unless you are in the industry or a retailer, so we have to rely on reporters and the press to show us what is new and exciting.  This year should be a very exciting year for Monster High fans as MH enters it's fifth year and reigns as the second most popular doll line in America (and many other countries!). 

Mattel will be officially showing off to the public on Sunday, as is their tradition.  However, before then we will likely see pictures of the booth, or of other toy lines of interest to us, like Once Upon a Zombie.

Please use this thread as a catch-all for all of the news and images you find from Toy Fair.  If they're all in one place, it will be easier for everyone to see.

To start off, here are some links to websites that are attending Toy Fair and will be taking pictures:

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I love that he has long hair too.

I'm not feeling this one. I get the irony of his look, but I just think he looks not so great. That yellow is too too much. He looks like a douche. Like those guys that wear Ed Hardy t-shirt. =( 

If my memory is not deceiving me..he's the first boy to not have a piercing right?no eyebrow or ear ones.
Neighthan is beautiful.
I don't care what people say he is THE bae.

It's hideous!

Oh wow a better look,,, I like him..

DarkInk said:

Gil doesn't have any piercings. And yeah I love him. Altho his hat and shoes are way too yellow for my liking.  

Clawvenus picture on Facebook, Monster High Doll Checklist.

Oh yeah I forgot he didn't have ears. But yeah another_monster asked if Neighthan was the first boy without piercings so I was answering them. But yeah I love all of these fusions.
Never mind Gil and Heath don't have piercings.
I wonder if Invisibilly will still have his..
Whoa I love Cedar!!! The throne coming dolls are gorgeous but I'm really excited to see Dexter and Lizzy!!
I'm a little confused about the leaked pictures with Sirenna Von Boo because there was a Freaky Fusion pic with Ghoulia and Draculaura fused that looked cute, but how can Draculaura be fused with Ghoulia if she is fused with Robecca? It doesn't make sense.


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