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Starting tonight with some previews, the annual New York International Toy Fair begins.  Toy Fair is an event held by the entire toy industry to show off the upcoming years wares to retailers so that they can prepare and plan their ordering for the year - including Christmas already! 

Toy Fair is not a public event like a comic con - you cannot attend unless you are in the industry or a retailer, so we have to rely on reporters and the press to show us what is new and exciting.  This year should be a very exciting year for Monster High fans as MH enters it's fifth year and reigns as the second most popular doll line in America (and many other countries!). 

Mattel will be officially showing off to the public on Sunday, as is their tradition.  However, before then we will likely see pictures of the booth, or of other toy lines of interest to us, like Once Upon a Zombie.

Please use this thread as a catch-all for all of the news and images you find from Toy Fair.  If they're all in one place, it will be easier for everyone to see.

To start off, here are some links to websites that are attending Toy Fair and will be taking pictures:

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From what I understand, these characters are legit fused together. While those leaks from a few months ago are the characters merely dressed up as other characters/monsters.

Hurray, the Freaky Fusion dolls look amazing, and C.A. Cupid gets fancy gladiators after all! What a good night.

Here's what I think Clawvenus should have looked like:) sorry for the bad quality I put it together fast..

The freaky fusions are really ugly. They look like the dolls you'd find in the Dollarstore. I do want Avea and Sirena, the zombie 2pks of the twins and rochelle and venus and that's it.  Those Throne Coming dolls look ugly too. I will be saving my money for Cedar, Lizzie, Twins and legacy day Maddie, Cedar and Ashlynn.

I tentatively think Cedar looks sweet (though I think I could imagine a better version of her character, which is too bad, 'cause she's my favorite), but I think the Thronecoming designs are disappointing, on the whole. Not the gladiator sandals, though. They can stay. :o)

I agree! Though I'm liking Lagoonafire. I wanted to like Dracubecca but it's not doing it for me either. Not understanding the love for Neighthan. those colors.. that yellow is so gaudy. Long hair.. uh.. not attractive. 

Throne Coming dolls is just too much. too much going on and little substance. I'm only liking Apple of the bunch and I'm still not crazy about her either. 

Are we going to see the others though? the mermaid and the centaur? where are they!

SunStrker said:

The freaky fusions are really ugly. They look like the dolls you'd find in the Dollarstore. I do want Avea and Sirena, the zombie 2pks of the twins and rochelle and venus and that's it.  Those Throne Coming dolls look ugly too. I will be saving my money for Cedar, Lizzie, Twins and legacy day Maddie, Cedar and Ashlynn.

Okay, time to do my bit:

  • Cedar Wood is definitely on my wishlist. She's just adorable.
  • Thronecoming is gorgeous. Loving the long dresses - and are those new facial screenings?
  • Freaky Fusion surprises me. I really like the dolls! Cleolei is pretty much perfect. Dracubecca is very cute. However, Lagoonafire has won me over with the facial screening. It's cute. much for me not buying many dolls this year. Darn you Mattel!! Why do make such beautiful things!!

I freaking LOVE Neighthan. Long hair, horse tail, decaying bits... the anatomical rainbow clothes. He's like... really tongue and cheek, like demented dark Equestria Girls and I love that hahaha. Also a bold move to give a boy that sort of macabre detail, I love it. He has a really sweet face on the non decaying side anyway, I think he's adorable and the more I look at him, the more I desperately want him NOW rargh.

the others.

Cloelei I like her design, it's a really nice cohesive design but she looks sunburned. Her skin tone being a blend of orange and peach just... comes across as "she laid in the sun too long" and sunburned isn't an attractive look. I wish she was a slightly less garish tone but she may be less red irl. I'll have to wait and see. Because other than looking burned, she's a very pretty doll and I love the bandages. They totally need painting though, to stand out a bit better.

Dracubecca is cute but i'm not sure. Maybe it's the pink (love that it's metallic though) but she's a doll i'll have to see irl to make a real decision on. She is very adorable and Draculaura's sorta victorianish clothing works very well with the steampunk look. She's steam lolita? hahaha, which is awesome.

Lagoonafire I don't really like. I love the scales, the clear fins but her face bothers me. I never liked Jinafire's big staring eyes and I feel like the combination of two characters with these bulbous eyeballs just makes her extra super frog like. I do like her hair though, the green is great. I love green. But yeah, she's a frog dragon, which in principle should be cool but i'll have to see her irl to make a decision.. oh who am I kidding, even though she's my least favourite i'll probably get this entire line because they all have unique face sculpts. Argh.. curse this addiction.

Clawvenus... her skin tone is a really cool blend of brown and green and you know what? She looks to be the exact right colour for one of my ocs. Oh dear, looks like I may have to get two of her hahaha. 

I actually really like a lot about her. Her hair is awesome, her crazy outfit is awesome and those ears! OMG those ears! But she looks like she has measles and her lips are lumpy. Why are her lips lumpy??? I really hope that's just some shoddy paint work on them, because lumpy lips... bletch. The measles I can probably deal with, though i'm not sure what they're supposed to be. Plants aren't really splotchy like that are they? Does she have a plant disease? poor girl. Still, I do like her. She's up there with Ghouls rule for absolute craziness and I love when Clawdeen pulls a crazy, bold look. the fact this also incorporates an interesting olive shade skin and those fantastic leaf ears just makes her even cooler to me. After Neighthan, she'll be my have to have hahaha.

As for EAH.

Ceder is cute, though not quite as puppety as i'd have liked. But to be fair, I don't know how they could have done her joints. I like that she's wood patterned and she has a sweet face. Those curls will be a ball of frizz out the box.

Thronecoming I detest. It's everything I hate about princess lines. It's frilly, it's sparkly, it's ott and the dresses are HUGE. I can see it being very popular with little girls into that kinda thing and older people who love them some princessy girliness but i'm not a fan. I can easily pass on the entire line.

Interesting to see Cupid with longer hair though, though the lineup is a little... random. Blondie and Cupid? hmm... odd choices. they must really expect Blondie to be popular, she's really boring to me but eh... go figure. Obviously I am not the target market, being as I detest princesses.

Excited about more OUAZ stuff. I hope we DO get more dolls, particularly boy ones. Zombie tink looks cool as well, i'm all about the zombified, monsterified pretty lovely things (like unicorns.. oh Neighthan... *wistful*)

Kinda disappointed we didn't get to see more EAH characters, I was hoping we'd get to see Dexter or something. Also no Billy for MH, sadness. Hopefully we haven't got too much longer to wait for images of these.

Ok, let's start with Neightan, he looks pretty good when it comes to his face but those clothes are awful. He looks like a 5 year olds first time dressing himself and ending up picking the most clownish clothes in his wardrobe. I don't collect boys and he certainly won't make me start to xD

Cleolei, she's cute, like the overall design, not very thrilled about her clothes. 

Clawvenus, OMG she is so awesomely over the top! She's so freaky I just have to love her! xD Her ears are fabulous. 

Lagoonafire, wow that is one scary face! I don't think I'd sleep well knowing that one stared at me xD However she is crazy fun and I like that, especially love the jellyfish bag. Anyone know if she's got Jina's tail?

Dracubecca, kinda meh, I like the metallic accessories. 

I don't think I'll get any of the fusion characters, perhaps Clawvenus since she is so darn freakily awesome xD 

Now, EAH, I don't collect these, their faces were simply too flat when I saw them irl, however I LOVE that Cupid! She looks like and elven princess with those earrings! The other's of thronecoming are a bit meh, very princessy, I bet kids will LOVE them however. I really like their masks though, and their faces look a bit more alive than usual. 

Cedar looks lovely of course. A bit disappointed they didn't show more basic dolls...

And where have you people found pics of new OUAZ stuff?

I'm definitely sold on Neighthan now, he has a great face and I love how monster-ish he looks. For Chrissakes, he looks a lot better than Mo who is supposed to be full zombie! (Mo hardly looks like one TBH in his doll version, especially with the ultra-hip hair) So I will 100% get Neighthan because I love him already and I wish I owned him right now.

I am also certain now that Dracubecca is the least interesting FF character, the others are just so much better compared to her. I have to say I really like Lagoonafire's creepy face, but I agree with purple_m that, even if Cleolei is the best design, that skintone is still a little weird. And as for Clawvenus, she's deliciously over the top. I wouldn't get her, but she's not a bad design at all.

Now, to see the rest of the FF line.

Wow! I'm really just blown away! Like some of you I love love Neightan! Everything about him is perfect, and he has such an otherworldly vibe to him! I showed his picture to my husband and he said Neightan reminded him of Avatar, haha! I can totally see that in the shape of his face and the look in his eyes. He is so full of personality! I won't change a thing about him when I add him to my collection! I would even go as far as to say he is the biggest surprise of all these dolls, because this doll is like the last thing I expected Mattel to do for MH, ever! Or any other doll line for that matter. I mean seriously, where could you expect such a cool and unique doll? I'm so happy he exists now :D

Manny and Iris, finally! Iris looks perfect and Manny is from what I can tell from this picture an exact likeness to his webisode self.

Love the colors on Wydowna and I'm happy it's not just blacks and reds like with her SDCC doll. And I love how this is an updated version of her first appearance outfit.

I hope Billy will look better then this when clear pictures come out and that he has his beanie back.

The witch, can't wait to find out who she is, she looks good.

These deluxe FF dolls just wow me. I honestly can't find anything I dislike about any of them. I love them all and will get them all! I can't even decide wich one I like the best, but Clawvenus and Lagoonafire are definetely the most extreme.

I hope we get to see images of the budget Fusion dolls fast, I wanna get a clear look on the Operetta/ Frankie and Scarah/ Toralei doll asap. And hopefully the rest of those previously leaked doll lines so I can start planning my doll budget for this season. So far I feel this is the most impressive year when it comes to creative doll lines.

And the Inner Monster line, I have to see better pictures of. I'm pretty sure I'll go for this line, but I'm still not sure if I like the moving eye feature. Though I am happy that at least it's not batery operated.


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