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Starting tonight with some previews, the annual New York International Toy Fair begins.  Toy Fair is an event held by the entire toy industry to show off the upcoming years wares to retailers so that they can prepare and plan their ordering for the year - including Christmas already! 

Toy Fair is not a public event like a comic con - you cannot attend unless you are in the industry or a retailer, so we have to rely on reporters and the press to show us what is new and exciting.  This year should be a very exciting year for Monster High fans as MH enters it's fifth year and reigns as the second most popular doll line in America (and many other countries!). 

Mattel will be officially showing off to the public on Sunday, as is their tradition.  However, before then we will likely see pictures of the booth, or of other toy lines of interest to us, like Once Upon a Zombie.

Please use this thread as a catch-all for all of the news and images you find from Toy Fair.  If they're all in one place, it will be easier for everyone to see.

To start off, here are some links to websites that are attending Toy Fair and will be taking pictures:

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I'm not so sure about Neighthan Rot, but I really like all the others! I'm a little disappointed that Invisibilly doesn't have his beanie, but he looks kinda cool! I hope his body is like Spectra's. And yay for Wydowna! I'll definitely get her! Love her comic-print dress & boots. Not too keen on the blue lips, though. I'll be really sad if Iris & Manny are the SDCC exclusives. Iris looks cuter than I thought she would, and Manny looks really impressive! I'm glad they created a new body mold for him, because he would have looked weird on the standard boy's body. I wouldn't mind if they were a Target or TRU exclusive, like the Werewolf & Werecat sister 2-packs were. :-/

But of these, I'm most impressed with the witch! O-M-G! She's so cool! I love that she's got the standard halloween-y witch colours, with a unique MH twist. And those shoulder-pad thing-ys; Day-um!!  Want! :D

I want this. Like, yesterday. Love me some Frankie!

Triumvirate said:

Here's some info from Idlehands Blog:

Monster High Recharge Chamber
ARP: $44.99 | Ages 6+ years | Available: August 2014
At the riveting climax of the Monster High® movie, Freaky Fusion, the beast ghoulfriends of Frankie Stein® rally around to give her back her spark with this hair-raising Recharge Chamber! Comes with a one-of-a-kind Frankie Stein® doll wearing a voltageous fashion and shocking shoes. Place her in the chamber, and press the button for hair-raising fun - her hair literally rises into a shocking ‘do! Press the light again for a spooktacular light show for clawesome room decor."

And actually IdleHands Blogspot has all kinds of info on all kinds of new Toy Fair reveals from different companies:

Time to finally comment on these! 

First off... YES MANNY! I never thought we'd see him in doll form, let alone an accurate doll form with the big torso and all. So yay! Unfortunately I can't say I'm super interested in Iris apart from the fact that we'll finally get a Cyclops doll. I am pretty sure I'll end up interested in her as soon as we see better pictures.

With Billy, he is totally getting a haircut. I really, really dislike his new shaggy hair and I don't get why they decided to give him that look. I also hope he won't be missing the beanie in the final doll. (Rochelle was missing her headband when she was revealed in Toy Fair but she still got in on the doll anyway)

The witch seems so over the top stereotypical Halloween witch, it's funny XD 

Neighthan looks like a mess from what I can see. I'll still get him obviously because A) he's a boy and we're not getting enough boys and B) he's a new character and he most probably won't get another version. I do wish he wasn't such a mess though. 

I'm really excited for them all TBH :D And I want to see better pictures!!

The only one that has my eye is Billy.  Neighton Rot and Manny, while being boys, are not boys I want.  If Manny is SDCC, which I'm really doubting but we'll have to see, then I can pass on him as easily I do HooDude.  Neighton kind of makes me mad.  The first boy we get from a movie and he's not all that appealing at all.  Garrot, Valentine, or even Andy definitely need dolls now.  

I figured Wydowna is I Heart Fashion, because that's the same situation as Scarah.  This outfit looks close enough to her basic to not make her a copy of SDCC Webarella, like Scarah having her shiny green dress and heels somewhat like her basic.  She also really needs I Heart Fashion, due to her unique mold.  

Maybe I can appreciate then when I'm feeling better, but other than Billy I'm not too wowed just yet.

awesome! im so excited they made many and it looks like they made him to scale which is even cooler. also nice to see invisi Billy in this line up, those two are definitely on my list. but who or what is neighton rot?  does anyone know the store on him? because from this picture it looks like he's a cross between a zombie and something else. interesting clothes but he looks like he needs a bath rightt out of the box. 

Exciting to see some new dolls, but I will also be sad if Iris and Manny are SDCC.

Reasons I think they wouldn't be: That will be an expensive 2-pack at that low of a production run. I can't really see them jumping from a $25 doll to a $40-50 2-pack. Also, Mattycollector is super-uptight about the SDCC unveilings and I can't see them allowing this to leak now.

Reasons I think they might be: It would be just so typical of mattel. Basics that they aren't sure kids would really buy; but collectors will go crazy for. Also, I'm not convinced that power point presentation is for Toy Fair. It looks like it's for stockholders so they would be perfectly willing to show exclusives in it. 

I'm hoping that it isn't; but I'm afraid that it will be. 

Manny and Iris, I love them and will probably get them whether or not they are SDCC exclusives which I can honestly see being the more likely out come. I'm just happy they got dolls at all, especially ones that are so close to the characters in the webisodes. Manny is exactly what I was hoping he would be.

Invisibilly however is a let down, I will still get him but like Victoria Niccals said, he is getting a haircut, I'll make him a beanie (please dont get rid of the beanie mattel!) if I have to and I will also be making a hoodie for him. He just doesn't look like himself with the new style. His old look seemed relaxed and down to earth and the new one just doesn't fit to me.

Wydowna I love and will definatly be picking up, especially if she's an I <3 Fashion doll. I love her blue lips and over-all colors which are very retro comic book to me. Glad they are going with some more unique lip colors for the ghouls this year, I was really getting tired of pink in varying shades.

Now Neighthan Rot, I'm not sure how to feel about that one. He looks like a mascot for crayola turned into a zombie and its really not working for me. At the same time though hes a new character and a boy and could look better up close. I was hoping he would be another centaur character but I guess it just wasnt meant to be.

Love the witch girl and cant wait to learn more about her.

Matty are usually pretty hush about their exclusives yeah, and Mattel surely wouldn't picture them in stock holder info if they we ren't going to be widely released right?c

Of course, given Matty's other exclusives, I wouldn't be surprised to see a highly sought after character or characters ending up the SDCC exclusive, and impossible to get for anything less than your first born child.

Mattel really needs to reign in Matty on this, because it does little more than alienate their consumer base and make a lot of their fans VERY angry. I don't know how it all works but surely Mattel HQ have final say on what they give Matty for SDCC right? So why can't they say "no, you can have this or this, NOT this. Bad Matty, hands off!"

Why is that hard?


I like to hope Mattel will actually show some bloody sense and try to maintain some consumer good will rather than alienating and upsetting the fan base. SDCC exclusives should be cool, but something special and comic conny, not the first release of a brand new never before seen character for a franchise aimed at CHILDREN. That's just really cruel.


Recharge chamber... bleh.. gimmicky.. lame. No thanks.

Also, yet more frankie.

I like when they have different colored lips. My favorite Ghoulia is the Gloom Beach exclusive because of her outfit but also because her lips are just so corpse-y on her. I'll save my judgement on Wydowna's lips til I see them in person. So far I like them.

Triumvirate said:


I'm seeing some people reacting unfavorably to Wydowna's blue lip (and Gigi's as well), but I like it. I get tired of all the expected colors too. 

Abbinormal said:

Wydowna I love and will definatly be picking up, especially if she's an I <3 Fashion doll. I love her blue lips and over-all colors which are very retro comic book to me. Glad they are going with some more unique lip colors for the ghouls this year, I was really getting tired of pink in varying shades.

I absolutley love everything and am getting everything...anywho...I actually really like Neighthan me, when i look at him...he reminds me of (or looks like he's wearing) one of those Halloween costumes from the 70's....the kind that came with a mask & the part you wear on your body is a one piece plastic outfit with pics on it...I'm actually kinda surprised that so many people like the witch...idk...shes not terrible but she isnt that great either in my opinion.

Lip colour.. hey, if I don't like it in person, lips are the easiest thing to repaint.

I may or may not buy any of these newbies, all I know is I am really hoping to see some fashion packs. If I were big into playsets - chambers- etc- I would be pleased as punch.

What was it 15 new dolls or something like that-I am feeling for you completists out there.


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