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Toralei Power Ghouls errors 4 with red zipper on boot, 2 with silver

Hello Everyone,


So I thought this to be very interesting today.  I ordered some Toralei power ghouls online from Target about a week ago.  They arrived today and this is what I saw.  4 of the dolls had a red zipper on the boot, and 2 of the dolls had a silver zipper on the boot like in the art work.  I know there are errors out there, but I thought this was interesting that more were red than silver.


Question. So I will give one to my daughter to open and play with.  I think I will keep a silver zipper in the box.  What do you guys think?  Should I keep the silver or red in the box.


Happy Hunting,



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I think I would keep the silver in the box since it matches the promo pics [if you are keeping some NIB to resell later].


I think I agree I plan to keep a silver one, its for me though, I always keep mine in the box up on a shelf.  The extras I will get rid of, but this is why I always order more than 1.  I can pick the one I like the best for my collection, since they vary so often.  Bad hair, crushed box, smudges on the face.  Since the only way to get them sometimes is having them shipped, I have a much better chance of getting a good one if I order more than 1.


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