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Open for commissions.

I am an based in Germany and have been collecting and customising my own Monster Highs 2 years now.
I am very excited to be available for any commission requests.

You can send me a Pic of your owe Monster High Idea/Character and i can check up to convertible  your Doll.

If you have any questions, feel free to drop me a line at: or PM

Here's how it works:
Send me your Doll + Paypal $25, I'll do the rest. When it's ready to be shipped home, just pay shipping home.

My work includes


  • Handpainted FaceUp
  • Hairstyle/Haircut with Wool/Fur Hairs  (No reroot ! I stick it with glue)
  • Body blushing
  • Extras like body inking  or something


  • I hold the right to turn away any work without reason giving.
  • I will not copy another artists work, do not ask me to.
  • Do not contact me if you are in a hurry, I will not rush customs.
  • Custom work is done by hand and is not factory perfect. 
  • No refunds, all payments are final.

All my girls are one of a kind, and I take great pride in creating these Monster Highs Customs.

Here are my latest customs :

More examples of my work are on my flickr stream

I hope you like my work =).

Hugs TootheSmile

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Up =)
The first Commission is for free* !!

* You send me your doll and i make her/him a free face Up and hairs =).
Up =)
The first Commission is for free* !!

* You send me your doll and i make her/him a free face Up and hairs =).
You only pay the shipment
I love how you paint the eyes. I'd be intetested in a commission. Ill send you a fr. :)

thank you =).
Ill send you a mail .

best regards
Hi, Jenna

The shipping are 20,41$ without tracking number, sorry is expensive =(( but i can make you a Custom for 15$ =).

best regards

UP <3

I am EXTREMELY interested in your work! beautiful work and you work hard on them probably :-) I might be interested in purchasing one for chistmas? maybe. i would like to know how much would a spider girl custom be for price and shipping? i like the itsy bitsy spider and i would like one for chistmas maybe, depending on price and if you have something else to do. thanks <3


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