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Who here has someone telling you "you are too old for dolls" or "You'll get tired of these sometime" ? If you do say how you feel about it rant, if you must. Does it really get on your nevers?

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I agree with you 100%!


Collectors debox and play with their toys, keeping dolls in their boxes is called hoarding and usually means you are keeping them to sell them later for a profit, at least in my experience in doll collecting that's what that means.  I don't know a single "Collector" who doesn't debox and play.

Kelly de Nile said:

Ha, I have this recurring thought of 5, 10, 15 years from now (assuming and hoping Monster High is still around) of dying buried under a mountain of MH boxes. I have every single doll in box right now, and if I keep up, it's very likely that my nightmare will come true. It would be pretty honorable though, right? At least to you guys ;)

Ashleigh.P. said:

I see no harm in collecting what you enjoy, be it statues, model cars, or dolls. I myself wouldn't play with them but I see nothing wrong in doing so if it makes you happy.

I see ages "5 and up" on the box, I see no end age. There is one on Lalaloopsy, anyone over 104 cannot play with them. :P

The only time I think it would end up being a problem is if you're using money you don't have to get them, getting them without having a place to put them, or if they fill every nook and cranny of your home. While I love dolls and all there should always be a limit.

Kind of makes me feel young again, actually   :-)


Your just never too old 


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