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I was walking through the isles at work and stumbled on this girl sitting on the shelves next to all the others. Some one really took some effort to get this girl perfectly into the box and into all the plastic ties as if she really belonged there, even the tape at the top of the box was unbroken. I feel if your going to spend the money to buy a doll then commit to. Why go through all this underhandedness just for a doll. If you didn't want to spend the money than why did you. How do you guys feel about people who do this?

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I understand that its hard to know all or most of the products in a store like Walmart, Target, etc. But really, one look at the box art on that and the person should have known it wasn't correct. Most stores I've returned to have at least checked to make sure the right item was in the box. Otherwise, you could buy something expensive, like an iPod, take it out, leave something random in the box, and return it. They just don't really care about toys, though, in my opinion. I mean, they don't have any security on them, either. You could literally just take a box out and no one would notice.

Sadly in this day and age, the customer is always right (even if they are a cheat). Im so glad that I don't work in retail anymore. The stories I could tell you.


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