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I have a huge trade list.  Right now my want list is pretty small unfortunately, but I'm hoping to trade for the new releases and new characters that come out to avoid having to spend any more.

Dolls I'm looking for new in box:

Gloom Beach Jackson

Cupid non 1600 version

SDCC Frankie ( will trade plenty for her)

Cleo and Deuce 2 pack



Wave 1 Holt, Lagoona, Ghoulia and Cleo  with all accessories

Lagoona's pet neptuna with fishbowl purse

odd request:  my frankie's mirror bed is missing one of the pink small parts that hold down the blanket

For trade: all new in box

Ghoul's rule complete set (Abbey, Laura, Clawdeen, Frankie and Cleo)

I love Shoes Cleo

I love Fashion Scarah, Clawdeen, Abbey and Frankie

SDCC Scarah

Scaris Catrine

Scaris Jinafire

Scaris Abbey, Laura , Deuce and Ghoulia

13 Wishes Gigi

Meowlady and Purrsephone set

Heath and Abbey set

Howleen and Clawdeen set

Ghoulia's scooter

Laura's Powder room

Frankie's Vanity

Abbey's Ice bed

Dead Tired Abbey

Dead tired Clawdeen wave 2

Dead tired Robecca

Dead Tired Laura wave 2

Dead Tired Coffin set with Laura

Diener with Laura and Operetta

Coffin Bean

Headmistress Bloodgood

Fearleading cats

Skull shores Gil (will only trade him towards sdcc Frankie)

Skull shores 5 pack

Gloom Beach 5 pack

Laura's Car

Frankie's Car

Dance Howleen

Dance Robecca

Dance Lagoona

Swim Laura

Swim Lagoona

Picture Day Frankie

Catastrophe Toralei

Scaris Cleo and Lagoona set

Music Festival Clawd and Laura set

Catty Noir

Music Festival Clawdeen, Abbey, Venus

Dot Dead Gorgeous Lagoona

Lots of CAM packs no boys though

Deluxe fashion packs plus  newer ones like Laura's Abbey's Lagoona's Spectra's fashions

Loose for trade:

1300 nude Laura

1300 nude Clawdeen

Dawn of the Dance nude Clawdeen

Dawn of the Dance nude Frankie

Toralei only missing Diary/pet

I'm more of a watcher on this site but I have bought from 1 person here and can provide references from other doll sites like dollpage, barbiecollector, wlcub and ebay of course.

Email is the best way for me to communicate and send pics so please provide your address and I'll get in touch asap.  Thanks.

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Great collection. I've sent a friend request

Thanks!  I've sent you a message. 

Elena's_Dad said:

Great collection. I've sent a friend request

interested in the gloom 5 pack and scarah.. will pm you

Bumping up, looking for new art class and scaremester dolls. Also frights camera action.


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