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Sorry it's sideways. Darn iPhone. Lol.

Did you get it? What price is it? Does it include anything exclusive? 

I need to know these things!!!

Lol. Great questions! LOL! 

1. Did not purchase it. 

2. Like an idiot, I did not check the price, but I'm sure it's over 100.00. I'm thinking 125.00

3. No exclusives what so ever. It was very adamant on the box to say "DOLLS NOT INCLUDED." Lol. I know you can't see that in the pic, but it cracked me up how vehement they were on the box in saying that. Lol.

It is 89.99. I bought one yesterday.

Oh wow! It's under 100.00?! Cool.

It came up 79.99 on er... Amazon or So it's cheaper elsewhere. 


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