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Saw these on one of the FB pages. I adore them all! I hope they are real!

(photos originally posted to MH fan pages on FB via Cara Grilli) 

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Omg I hope these are real! I love them!! Dang, Clawdeen looks good as a red. 

I wonder if they will make one for Cleo or any of the other girls?

Omg!! So excited, these are a must have for me! I love studing fairytales !!!<3
I just took a closer look- man, I really hopeula looks better in person o_O
 Think the snow bite is kinda cool

draculauras not very pretty :(

Oh, they're so cute!  I love the idea :D

I love the little dead riding wolf!

This is a really cool idea, but the execution, especially Draculaura's, is kinda bad.

Frankie's dress is a mess (although her purse is super cool!), Draculaura's is... bad. Just bad, I don't have any other words to describe it (however, she gets some points for having yet another never-before-seen hairstyle!) And Clawdeen's purple... boot... thingies don't go with the rest of the outfit at all. (I'd be very interested to see her in this outfit, but with the CAM werewolf shoes) It's also interesting how her basket is black in the art, but purple on the doll O_o

However, these seem to be prototypes: I want to see the finished ones, I'm sure they'll all be far less akward ;)

Very cute idea for a old fairy tales like this.  The dolls themselves (hair style/color, make-up, etc) look the black hair in Draculaura and the red in Clawdeens...but those outfits!  Yeah....they definitely need to re-vamp those outfits!  Especially Draculauras.  I keep thinking of that 90's Nick show, "What Would You Do?"...maybe it's the slime-like design on her dress.  Frankie might look a little too prom-queenish as well.  Not sure I'm liking that.  I say keep the dolls the way they are, but definitely change the outfits!

love clawdeen's and frankies soooooooooooo much!!!!!! but..draculaura's dress is just too puffy to me and i think she looks better on the card XD. but i love her black green and pink shoes though!

I can already tell this line is going to be good.


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