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Hola! My boyfriend and I get the paper here in the SW Burbs of Chicago every Sunday and I was thinking of starting a thread for Monster High Steals and Deals. That I would update every Sunday with sale prices on Monster High Dolls and other merchandise. Would this be something helpful here?


Example (these are all legit sales):

Monster High Budget Line Dolls normally $12 are now $10 at Big Lots

Monster High Dot Dead Gorgeous Line is normally $21.99 but it is now $14 at TRU.

Monster High Catty Noir "Price Cut" at Target was $24.99 now $19.99


Would this help us all?



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I got a big thing in the mail today from TRU that said 25% off a $30 or more MH purchase, but I didn't see any dates.

Kohls has the basic MH dolls (their exclusive included) for $16.99.  I saw at least one Scaris Deuce there as well as some of the Dance dolls and Swim dolls (I didn't see a Holt at mine, but that isn't saying much)

Ok so I finally got my Target Toybook for 2013 in the mail today. My boyfriend and I are also Redcard members. I don't know if that means anything. Anywho... Here's what is in the book that is MH related:

$5.00 Off Target Coupon for any Monster High Toys and it excludes the Color Me Creepy and Create a Monster Lab sets. You can use this coupon online. There is a limit of 4 coupons per household per day. My experience is if you plan to use this coupon stock up on the Toybooks in store of through friends who won't use it. They will take the coupons upon redemption. Coupons and prices good until 11/27/13. (Target Coupons can be combined with the Target Cartwheel discounts and manufacturers coupons for even more savings!)

Free shipping on everything shown in the catalog. For Monster High related items included: Ghouls Alive, Music Fest, Color Me Creepy Playset and Dolls, Cle De Nile Oasis, Werewolf Sisters 2 Pack, 13 Wishes Basics, Dance Class 5Pk, Monster High Design A  monster Lab and Catty Noir. Power Ghouls Toralei is featured on the cover so one could assume that the Power Ghouls line MIGHT be included in the free shipping offer. (Just checked and they are!)

Create a Monster Lab or Color Me Creepy Play Set Temporary Price Cut of $39.00 Each

5-PK Dance Clase 44.99 Temporary Price Cut ($39.99 w/coupon)

Oasis Cleo De Nile Playset 27.99 Temporary Price Cut ($22.99 w/coupon)

Ghouls Alive Temporary Price Cut of $19.99 ($14.99 w/coupon)

On the back of my Toybook there was also a $5.00 off of $50.00 spent on Toys or Sporting Goods, redeemable in store only.

There a ton of Temporary Price Cuts online now as well. As far as I know these coupons are active now (10/30/13 until 11/27/13) but I had an issue using the MH $5.00 off coupon online on Catty Noir. She is on Temporary Price Cut for $19.99 and when I apply the coupon Code it says "It is already applied". I am not sure if this will get worked out or not. .




Still haven't gotten my toy book yet. I guess I'm on Santa's naughty list...

Cece - Was there any other toy line you want to know about?
Cece said:


Still haven't gotten my toy book yet. I guess I'm on Santa's naughty list...
Just MH, I can't afford another obsession. Thanks Ash for posting all this great info. I'm hoping I'll get my book mañana...
Now that I've awaken from my Halloween sugar coma...I checked my mail and viola! I got my target book. Yahoo!

If anyone is still looking for the Target 5 pack dance class, the Glendale Heights Target has a few.

If you live in an area with a Kroger's, they have some of the Scaris budget dolls on sale for 70% off, if they were sold with the Halloween stuff.  Mine only had Abbey and Draculaura left, but others may have more luck.


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