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Hello MHD Members,

So I am making this topic for Winx doll fans or people who may be interested in collecting Winx Dolls, (They're REALLY pretty, and as a fan of both MH and Winx, I recommend them for MH collectors, especially NEW lines like Sirenix.)

The Winx Club line is fairly new and it started off really successful, it had high sales, and then in Winter/Spring of 2013 The line's sales Flew down! Now it's Summer time and the line is in danger, the sales aren't pulling in very much revenue, and most people know what happens...When companies have low sales, lines are cancelled...So Sailoreric97 and I made a campaign to help improve sales to make the Winx doll magic fly high!

Here is my video explaining the campaign...If everyone can help us spread the campaign so we can help show Jakks that we care about Winx and line I think it would really be powerful, it would as well influence fans to go Doll hunting for more new dolls! :)

Thx loves!

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I just bought sirenix musa at toys r us for 12 dollars there's a good sale going. In my area they mostly have older jakks winx dolls i think once the old stock sells the new dolls will sell well. I think the sirenix dolls are very pretty.

I still have some 2004 Winx Club dolls!  Bought some new ones this year!  Glad to see Winx back in my country.


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