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The United Nations just passed article 13 which Bans parodys made of copywrited material this would yes include any mh ocs as well as fan fictions but memes are what most people on focusing on cause they ate shared more often then any other form of parody currently 

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oh man they can't do this, fan fiction and memes are a form of a fantasy world to brighten up the world with a sense of humour and fun to escape the real world. 


"The window, the window, the second story window. They decided to take internet free speech, and they threw it out the window!"

If this ever happens in America, there'll be riots! I may be a rather conservative-leaning individual, but people should at least have the opportunity to express themselves, so that other people can either agree or disagree with them.

Can't the really cruel, truly hate-speech-type memes be banned, so that the harmless ones can be saved, preserving the good-natured, parodic fun, without allowing real bullies to hurt others? I don't understand why anybody has to "throw the baby out with the bathwater."   :(

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