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My "Splendor in the Grass" My Scene dolls are still waiting for sets, costumes, etc., and the Caucasian "cast" is on top of my doll stand.

Well, yesterday morning, the curious tiger cat stood on my nightstand, stretching up to the level of the top of the doll case. Either her claws caught on the piece of felt that was underneath the doll stands, or she just pulled the felt with her teeth.

Whatever happened, there was a loud noise, and I awoke to find "Splendor" dolls....and stands scattered all over the place! Wow! Poor little kitty was SCARED, and the general area looked as though a REAL tiger had roared through my room!

I re-arranged everything, but THIS time, I tied each doll's legs to her stand, so that if baby tiger girl decided to stage a repeat prrr-formance, the dolls would remain ON their stands, even IF they fell.

I HOPE that everything works out better from now on. I'm trying to tuck the felt up underneath itself a little bit more, TOO, so that little tiger doesn't get as much of a chance to grab at it.

The only reason that I even HAVE that felt up there is that it's not good to leave plastic sitting on top of WOOD for long periods of time.

Disappears into a shadow

The Whispering Wolf / Wolfie

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