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This, first of all, is NOT my idea.  The idea comes from a flyer by PrincessAbiliss from good ol' DA. This is a private RP that will start after school (any random day before May 3rd) for everyone to ask their dates or friends out and talk about it and all.  Then, we shall skip ahead to the actual dance. Should be fun. 


So, that lovely list of the invited:


-Sadie S.





Now, some rules:

-I don't expect anyone to do this...but no god-modding and Mary Sues? Please?

-I would love proper grammar.

-In case it needs mentioning, no hard core swearing.


Aaaand I know everyone included is not going to be completely crazy, so! 


Once everyone/almost everyone signs up, we can begin!

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((May I join Fel, despite not being on the list? As Lola? [who I am going to sign up for the Perfect Ladies Society sometime in the future]))

((Suuuure.  Not a problem. I'll add you to the list.))

((A-yep, I shall be joining! Just wish I knew a general time when Nos is on so we can plan to be online accordingly...))

((Uhh, not sure I can give you one of those, my schedule is kind of erratic, I'm out tommorow afternoon, but I'll be home all friday.))

((Soo, when we starting this thing up, I'm out all weekend, although free Sunday evening.  I'm free through the week, busy again on the weekend.  I live in Vancouver, can't remember the time zone.))

((I'm generally free during the week, but busy with ice skating Fri. evening and Sat. evening or midday. Sundays, free towards th evening. Oh, and I'm Mountain Time, which I think is one hour ahead of you, Nos?))

((I will try to get on and post whenever I can. This week and possibly/most likely this weekend are supposed to be busy for me. If anything, I'll pop on and leave a note if I have no time to post.   Oh, and I gotta tell Sade about this still. Krafty, seeing how I most likely won't be getting on chat to tell her anytime in the next 48 hours, would you mind linking this to her and passing on my wishes for her to join? I'd be eternally grateful. If she doesn't respond to that, I'll PM her it when I have a minute.))

((Just about everyone's an hour or two ahead of me.  My Thursaday has been booked now too.  All the RPG's this weekend, all of them!  I'm okay to start anytime though.))

((Will do, Fel! I also need to finish the little blurp/paragraph explaining how this all started... And I'm pretty much ready to start when you all are. Did you want us to wait, or start, or what?))

((And I'm ahead of all of you. :3 So, after we wait for Sadie, how do we start? Our OCs seeing the poster stuck around school? I'm might throw in more characters than just Lola, because well, where do we get the funny quotes from?))

((I'll do it but... I think we need to throw Dreams OUT. Meaning any pairing made there doesn't exist at all. So yeah back to JasonxAlexis for this one! :D Yeah seriously. In case didn't know Dreams was just like an alternate universe and this is the real life for them. SO yeah...))

((Back to Jalexis? Challenge Accepted! That means I'm definitely dragging in Al, despite her protesting. I also finished the ball outfits for my chars, but I still need to scan them.

So, shall we wait for Fel to start?))


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