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The Monsters have attended Monster High for a while now, and most of them are seniors, about to graduate. What happens when there are a bunch of new transfer students mixed into the equation? Find out when you apply for this roleplay.

The New Monsters is a literate, canon/oc roleplay. 


You must abide by these rules, or you will get kicked. They are not that hard to abide by.

  • No spamming/trolling. It is very untidy, and frankly, is just annoying.
  • Literacy. I expect at least 3 lengthly sentences per post. Remember your Grade 2 grammar!
  • No mary sues/gary stus. These are characters that are perfect, and have no flaws.
  • No godmodding. You applied for a character, so play that character.
  • Lastly, have fun! This is a roleplay, so just have fun with your posts! 


This is the application you're going to have to fill out. I will accept you if your application is fine.


  • Name: (just put their name here)
  • Age: (self-explanatory)
  • Species: (vampire, werewolf, gargoyle, etc.)
  • Personality: (at least 1 paragraph of their personality.)
  • Appearance: (at least 1 paragraph of their appearance. you may post pciture but a paragraph is required)
  • Other: (Questions? Suggestions? Concerns? Put them here.)
  • Fun Fact: (tell me something about you! this is for a randoms, so it is optional!)


  • Desired Character: (Abbey? Venus? Your desired character here.)
  • Age: (self explanatory)
  • Personality: (At least 1 paragraph describing their personality)
  • Other: (Questions/Concerns?)
  • Fun Fact: (tell me something about you! this is optional, it is for fun!)

Have fun! I will be posting my Rochelle form when I get a few apps!

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Macy's POV

As I  walked the hallway's looking at the older kids and some younger one's, I looked at one person in particular though, I didn't know the girl. But I knew I wanted to meet her ! I walked into class before the late bell rang but bumped into someone and fell. She extended her arm to me and told me her name was ' Operetta' I looked at her and said " I'm Macy ! It's nice to meet you."

       I hope I can join this sounds fun

  • Name: Tinny Tin
  • Age: 16 
  • Species: Daughter of a mad scientist obsessed with tin cans 
  • Personality: Tinny is a sweetheart she loves everyone even though her heart is made of gears. Tinny loves to draw and write stories. Tinny also is very random and funny but she sings like a pro. She has joined the fashion entrepreneur club. 
  • Appearance: Tinny has long blonde hair with a stip of brown going through her side bangs. She has shimmering silver skin and blackish silver eyes. She is 6 feet tall and is knwo for wearing rainbows.
  • Fun Fact: Tinny always states the obvious and is very clumsy and trips on her own feet.

Name:Waxsera museum.


Species:wax person.

Personality:Waxsera cant help but impersonate people so that makes her get in trouble.Because of that she is mostly nice yet mostly annoying.

Apperance:Waxsera's skin is green.She has the tinniest things of eyes and mouth.Most of the time she impersonates people though with her wax shape-shifting skills.

Fun Fact:cleo is her favorite to impersonate.

((Hmm, this seems interesting and actually really cool. I guess I'll try it out.))

  • Name: Wyome Witiko
  • Age: 16 years old
  • Species: Wendigo
  • Personality: Wyome is rather calm, making her seem as though she doesn't care about most things; which will annoy most monsters at times. She's deaf, but has hearing aids, which enables her to listen to people; this made her become a very good listener. She's very caring about her friends, and dislikes when someone treats her friends badly. She can be a bit sarcastic, especially in arguments. Because of this, she can easily anger her opponent, making her win the argument (but not all the time). She's quite the fangirl, which is strange for her calm character, and it often surprises people when she gets excited about something. She's always open to friends, rather than being a closed off person.
  • Appearance: Wyome's skin is hard to describe; it's a very pale mix of gray and blue. Her hands are purple, giving a fading effect to her skin. She has purple-blue straight hair, just past her shoulders that end white. One half of her head has the hair shaved off (I'm pretty sure a lot of you have seen this trend). Her ears are pointed, and she has antlers/horns in different shades of gray. Her irises are different shades of red, and the whites of her eyes are actually a pale yellow. She is very tall, making her a little thinner than most ghouls; although she has a healthy weight. She has an underbite, but it doesn't bother her very much. She wears a black sleeveless shirt, with pink-gray waistcoat over it. Her pants are based off of the northern lights, and her shoes ar black with ice for heels. (the picture I drew of her )
  • Fun Fact: She's a pansexual, meaning she is basically gender blind.

Seems cool, so thought I would join as my classic character, Niran….))

Name: Niran

Age: 16

Species: It's hard to explain, he can basically control fire...

Personality: He's quite quiet, but once you get to know him, you'll know he has a lot to say, and can actually be quite amusing and comical, things that people never suspect he would be like. He is obsessed with all things Fall Out Boy, Green Day etc, and takes up music himself. He is actually quite sarcastic….

Appearance: Niran's skin color is very pale, and because of his ability to control fire, he is often covered in a series of burns, scars, and bruises. He has incredibly untidy jet black hair, with a few streaks of red. Niran is tall and gangly. He usually wears a hoodie and jeans


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