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The Monsters have attended Monster High for a while now, and most of them are seniors, about to graduate. What happens when there are a bunch of new transfer students mixed into the equation? Find out when you apply for this roleplay.

The New Monsters is a literate, canon/oc roleplay. 


You must abide by these rules, or you will get kicked. They are not that hard to abide by.

  • No spamming/trolling. It is very untidy, and frankly, is just annoying.
  • Literacy. I expect at least 3 lengthly sentences per post. Remember your Grade 2 grammar!
  • No mary sues/gary stus. These are characters that are perfect, and have no flaws.
  • No godmodding. You applied for a character, so play that character.
  • Lastly, have fun! This is a roleplay, so just have fun with your posts! 


This is the application you're going to have to fill out. I will accept you if your application is fine.


  • Name: (just put their name here)
  • Age: (self-explanatory)
  • Species: (vampire, werewolf, gargoyle, etc.)
  • Personality: (at least 1 paragraph of their personality.)
  • Appearance: (at least 1 paragraph of their appearance. you may post pciture but a paragraph is required)
  • Other: (Questions? Suggestions? Concerns? Put them here.)
  • Fun Fact: (tell me something about you! this is for a randoms, so it is optional!)


  • Desired Character: (Abbey? Venus? Your desired character here.)
  • Age: (self explanatory)
  • Personality: (At least 1 paragraph describing their personality)
  • Other: (Questions/Concerns?)
  • Fun Fact: (tell me something about you! this is optional, it is for fun!)

Have fun! I will be posting my Rochelle form when I get a few apps!

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I like this idea !

  • Name: Macy Reaper
  • Age: 17
  • Species: Reaper
  • Personality: Macy is a sweet heart. Although she has bit of a temper she tries to be nice to everyone she meets. Macy likes listening to people's problems and helping them out. She is obsessed with shoe's that have skulls on them and she loves the sunlight. 
  • Appearance: Macy has long pink hair, no eyes whatsoever. Her skin is sorta like Bloodgoods. Macy is tall unlike the other girls. Her make-up is simple, pink and purple with some blue's and blacks. Her clothing is a knee length dress. The top of the dress has some lace on it and is purple, the lower half is white with pink and her her shoes. Have white skulls on them, she also has purple laced socks .
  • Other: (Questions? Suggestions? Concerns? Put them here.)
  • Fun Fact: (tell me something about you! this is for a randoms, so it is optional!)


This RP sounds fun :3

  • Name: Ande Mortem
  • Age: 17
  • Species: Spirit
  • Personality: Ande is an insane killer. He doesn't kill people that he knows and likes, and he's not always insane and in the mood to kill. He is usually a nice person, and is rather protective of his friends, not wanting them to get hurt. He enjoys pulling pranks on other students in the school, and has the wonderful ability to become invisible. He isn't like most spirits and ghosts, though. He cannot float, or walk through walls. He's not transparent (like Spectra) and looks like a normal human being.
  • Appearance: Ande has white-blonde hair that always hangs in his eyes, and extremely pale skin. He is rather thin (especially because his organs were ripped out) and his green eyes are circled in black and the irises are dull/lifeless, the results of rotting and aging underground in a coffin for fifty years. His grey shirt is stained with blood, the sleeves rolled up to his elbows, and his black jeans are ripped and splattered with blood as well. His shoes are black with white laces. ((I'll post a picture later, on my DA. ( ))
  • Other: (Questions? Suggestions? Concerns? Put them here.)
  • Fun Fact: (tell me something about you! this is for a randoms, so it is optional!)
(Hey Nobody, it's been a while.)

Name:Kindal Ice


Species:Ice monster

Personality: Kindal is a nice monster with a warm heart, even with her sassy words and cold touch. She loves to read classic books and drink frozen cocoa. She may be an ice ghoul but she is no fool. She is one of the smartest ghouls, but she hiccups under pressure. Yes, hiccups. Anyway, you never have to worry around Kindal. She is cold to the touch but her voice can sooth you in a second.

Appearence: Kindal has white hair with pink green and blue streaks,curled. Her skin is a light shade of blue, along with her Deep ocean blue eyes. She wears a pink and blue checkered blouse and a short white skirt with pink tights. She has freckles across her nose and a snowflake beauty mark below her right eye. She has the looks of an approachable ghoul.

Other: Nope. She is an open book.

Fun Fact: she is secretly a school ghostly gossip reporter. She doesn't tell! So don't you tell!

Both of you are accepted! I am feeling really sick right now, so I'll try to get my form up tomorrow or later today. After that, when we receive another app we can start roleplaying.


I would like to point out that you may copy and paste personality and appearance from the Monster High wikia if you are using a canon character, because we already know them. That was if you wanted a change in personality or a tweak in appearance.

Desired Character: Operetta

Age: 16 (in Phantom Years)
Personality: Operetta is "a bit of a diva" with a "set of pipes". She is described as being a perfectionist and that she hates being told what to do. Although she was introduced as being bitter and frigid at first, she warmed up to the ghouls and showed that she could be a great friend. Overall, Operetta is like her music, independent and free. She doesn't walk on eggshells for anyone and will do what she wants, when she wants, no matter who it hurts or who it helps.
Other: Nah bro.
Fun Fact: Operetta not only wants to pursue her career in music, but also wants to give reporting a try.

The roleplay is now open! Feel free to start roleplaying, whether that be by using 3rd person, 1st, or whatever style you like, so long as everybody understands!

Yes, 2 OCs are fine!

Raven Queen (Allstar) said:

Name: Adriana Damien

Age: 1700

Species: Vampire

Personality: Adriana is quite rude to people she doesn't know. But if she DOES know the person and doesn't like the person, she'll be very cruel to the person. She came from a rough part of town and was raised on insults. It wasn't until kindergarten that she found out her name wasn't Garbage Face. Her mother put her to sleep on insults and insults are how she sleeps at night. Her mother tried to sell her once. Her girlfriend, Katessa, is also her best friend.

Appearance: Adriana has long hair, down a little bit past the butt. Her hair is colored black with red highlights. She has tan skin because she uses a little bit of bronzer. Her make up is blue and black. She has red eyes. She wears her fearleading uniform all the time and wears it with white converse and a black leather jacket. She always has her hair up in a high ponytail. 

Other: May we use 2 OCs?

Funfact: Katessa is the only person she's nice to. However, she is nice to a few others ,too.

Name: Ivy Plantate

Age: 14 (skipped a grade)

Species: Plant Monster

Personality: Ivy is a wall-flower. She is also really mentally unstable. In her happy moods she is really random and all over the place. In her sad moods she is back to being the wallflower she is. She is has been deemed socially unacceptable by others, because she is socially awkward and often insults people accidently. Wears her heart on her sleeve. Really low Self-Esteem.

Appearance: Her roots are at the top of her head, forming dirty, light brown dreadlocks. She has sickly green skin and eyes. Her body shape is gaunt, gangly, and she is as thin as a twig. Ivy wears a lot of pale and neutral colors. She never wears pants. Also she cant wear high heels, because of awkward  sense of balance.

Other: Ivy suffers from neglect at home, which formed her anti-social personality disorder. Shakes like a leaf. Also flips out because the stuff she's learning at school doesn't instantly click like she's used too. It also scares her that she has to study.

Fun Fact: The reason that she's so thin and pale is because she doesn't get enough sunlight, for photosynthesis to produce all the right nutrients. So while she is alive she is not healthy in the slightest.

Operetta's POV

My goodness, seeing all these new ones brings tears to my eyes, just like when I first came here to this here dandy school. Now, look here, I don't think y'all shopuld be runnin' round thinkin' they own this place. They need to learn that we oldies are better. Gosh darn it, while I thought of that I forgot to get going to class. Mr. Invisible sure don't like it when I'm late, especially since it's the first day of school! I get going and dart to my class. On the way, I accidentally bump into someone.

"Oops, sorry about that!" I say, as I offer a hand to help them up. "I'm Operetta. You?"


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