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With the new siblings line, I smell a new idea that may come to fruition. It's no coincidence that all the main ghouls have little siblings that all fall into the same age bracket, I don't think. I can totally see Mattel doing a "Monster High: The New Generation" type line or series. Future high school versions of the sibling clique:

Alivia Stein - Frankie
Fangelica - Draculaura
Pawla and Barker Wolf - Clawdeen and Clawd
Lux and Pharrah De Nile - Cleo
Ebbie Blue and big sister Kelpie - Lagoona

That's the whole gang. It seems a little more than likely, to me and I'd honestly be down for it. It might be interesting to see these genetically similar, but very different variations of the ghouls and mansters we all love. They could try it for a line, they're already screwing with the entire series so why not?

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i still think they should have moved focus to howleen and twyla, introduce new juniors so it's still HIGH school, not monster elementary.

don't get why they didn't. It would have made way more sense without alienating fans and crapping all over the original continuity.

Well I meant this would be a jump into the future, so the siblings would be in high school and not elementary. I think to focus on Twyla and Howleen would be a bit redundant at this point, just because they've been around so long that I don't think it could offer much new. But that's just my opinion on that.

I dunno, adding in new characters of that age while graduating the original cast could have worked, have two characters old fans knew, but then a bunch of newbies too.

Certainly it would have felt less contrived and less of a slap in the face than the whole "everything we spent 6 years building is now retconned!" nonsense.

I mean way to alienate your remaining fanbase. Sheesh.

A "softboot" I think would have worked better. Like how soap operas and stuff do it, where old characters leave and new characters come in. Like uh.. the later seasons of Glee if you ignore the "we're off doing college stuff" with the old crew. You got a bunch of new students and a couple of the younger old lot and then the old lot eventually were all gone leaving only the second generation group.

Doing a monster elementary spinoff would be fun though too.

Aging them up i think would feel too much like rehashing old territory and run the risk of people thinking they're the children of (not that it isn't already kinda.. unfortunately implied with the packaging of the new monster family dolls. no parents on the boxes, just a teen girl cradling a baby? hmmmm.)


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