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May 10th: We now have free domestic shipping on any order over $100!

May 4th Update!: We have a full re-stock up on the current basics with Rochelle, Jackson, Abbey, Nefera and Operetta. We've also got more of the Skull Shores Ghouls in too!


Hi! I'm a long time Monster High fan and store owner. We just got our first shipment of Monster high basics in yesterday and up on the site today.

Right now we have:

  • Rochelle Goyle
  • Jackson Jekyll
  • Abbey Bominable
  • Operetta
  • Nefera

Available to ship right away, with others coming soon.

We also have Skull shores added to the mix!

I've been in business online as Vivcore since 2004. We're a clothing company specializing in vintage inspired clothing and accessories originally, and now dolls! I've been collecting for a while with my vintage pals so I know the dolls well, and what it's like to be a collector as well as a retailer. If anyone is on the hunt for the dolls I hope you'll check us out and that I can help you with your monster hunting!

We ship all over the world and you can visit the shop from here....

We do have a 1 doll per customer policy on new release MH dolls to help collectors and fans take them home, with less frustration.

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Just a quick update to let you know we still have a few dolls, and to say a big thanks to all the great people who've come through to the shop from here!

We've still got all the SS and current basics, and shipping out most days for any mo dyer hunters out there (also have other non MH dolls and free domestic shipping on orders over $100)
Still got all the dolls! But down to our lady few Jacksons and we won't be getting any more of him once he's gone
Still have a few dolls left, the current Jacksons are the last we'll be getting in (Abbey too I believe)


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