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Who, in your opinion, is the most beautiful character (doll-wise)? I personally think Jane Bootlittle and Ghoulia are both the most stunning in the whole line. (Though Ghoulia's show character is not nearly are pretty)

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I love original Spectra and Original Rochelle
Interesting! I've always found Rochelle to have a fat, unattractive nose.

I love Rochelle, but i don't particularly like her nose. I think it's supposed to be beak-like because she is supposed to be a griffin-type gargoyle almost like Roux. But that's just my interpretation 

I wasn't that interested in Rochelle at first, but she has since become one of my favorites.  Her nose is a little unusual, but I think it's reminiscent of traditional Parisian gargoyle sculpture.  

I think she, Abbey, and Skelita are really pretty, but, in terms of sculpt and aesthetics, I think that LagoonaJaneRobecca, and Venus are some of the best.  As much as I groan with every subsequent appearance, I have to admit that FrankieDraculaura, and Clawdeen have very beautiful sculpts as well.  I also really like Marisol and Wydowna.  

Spectra, her original mould with the cheek bones is the most beautiful in my opinion, I fell in love as soon as I saw her, I would also say Abbey, Robecca, Operetta, Venus, Catty and Twyla. 

Spectra is #1, followed closely by Jinafire & Honey.

I like spectra the most.

Jinafire and Elle have nice faces. Cleo and Nefera's are nice too. I also like Robecca, Operetta, Skelita, Honey, Clawdeen, and Draculaura's faces as well. Frankie has had some nice faces, the best being Recharge Chamber. I just love the paint job and lightning bolts as stiches!

My overall favorite is Scarah Screams the fact that she has no eyes reminds me of a character in some horror anime which I love. Draculaura when done right have a beautiful serene look. Ghoulia again when done right is gorgeous. But she is so often a hit or miss with her dolls. Catrine, Wydowna it's too bad we don't see more variations of her. Jinafire, Cleo, Robecca, Skelita, Jane boo little are others that have very serious elegant face sculpts.

Oh how could I forget Robecca? She is stunning!!! Venus as well.

Tori is hands down my favorite MH doll. I very rarely get doubles unless the second doll looks like it could be another character entirely. But I love Tori and have six very different versions of her. At this point my Tori has found her lost long litter mates and they have joined her and her adopted sisters and live with her now. Tori #1, is Tori, The rest are all her sisters and they have all have T names... grin....I really want a BIG Tori actually. I'm hoping they will go there if they make more 17" dolls. My collection of those just won't be complete until I have a 17" Tori.


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