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So this is basically about the whole "Half Morph" thing that Tricia, Fawna , Miranda and Ella have gone through. They now have a bright side and a dark side. They need the help of their friends and acquaintances to be able to controll this power/curse. If they don't take control soon they will be eternally possessed


I'll start after someone else does. Just cause I'm lazy at the moment XP

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(I'll just use Cassandra Datenshi.)
Cassandra surveyed the area. Her wings ached from being kept under her coat. The rain bothered her, and that thought alone dulled the pain slightly.
Cassandra rolled her eyes. "Other speaking life forms,"She grumbled.
Miranda, Ella, Tricia and Fawna field out of the darkness, they were in long black cloaks that covered their temporarily damaged faces ((they have features a lot like the characters in these pictures,, Tricia is most similar to tiana, Fawna to Alice, Miranda to Esmeralda and Ella to kida))
As Miranda walked into the light the others could see her queer face. Her hair was half silver and one eye was glowing white. Her face was very pale and blue vein-looking parasites grew on her face and wings sprouted from her back. She opened her mouth to speak but all that came out was an earsplitting screech. Fawna was hunched over. Her claws outstretched and sharp. Here eyes were a blinding pink glow. Her sharp teeth were clenched together. Her blue hair disheveled. Ella's while figure glowed. Her hands were practically transparent. Her eyes wide with a green glow, her hair had the same glow, it floated Above her neck
((Who the hell is the person?))
((No I meant the dead person! XD))
Cassandra rolled her eyes, thinking of how stupid, high and mighty the children of gods were.
All hope was lost, Ella though. Her last bits of sanity were begging to fade
Cassandra looked at the newcomers. They were injured... "You four." She addressed them. "Stay here. I'll get my friends." Hurrying away, she got Allison and Gilan. (I'm adding them.) Allison saw the four injured girls. "I think I knowwgatd going on..."She looked at Gilan. "Keep them conscious. I need to het some herbs." Gilan nodded and looked back at them.
((We did a fun song for conjugating verbs in Spanish class))
Miranda raised her arm out "stop" she demanded "We are healthy physically buy spiritual darkness is taking over our bodies as we magically mature"
(Is it to the beat of "Bringing Sexy Back"? xD) Allison looked at then with concern as Cassandra elbowed Skyvie off Gail. "How do I help?" Allison asks, concerned.
"Simple try to smack the darkness out of us" Miranda began "do this by keeping us from harming others. Do whatever you need to. Chains down, put us in straight jackets" Miranda continues. Fawn and Tricia had continued to lose it now clawing at the others


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