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Which Monster High doll was the latest MH doll that you bought / got?

I recently received an Art Class Abbey! My only regret is the fact that she has one righteous case of glue seepage...  :(  I'd better choose a day for the baking powder treatment....and get ready to heat up some water for removing her head.

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The Whispering Wolf

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it's such a nice set. Such a shame it had such a borked and limited release. I had mine sent from Canada deboxed and it still cost a pretty penny, but i'm glad I did. I ended up selling drac, she's lovely but I just don't care enough about draculaura and prefer her with mostly black hair heh. But the others are too nice to sell. Gigi with her long dress, Spectra with that amazing plum coloured hair that's SO thickly rooted I just can't think how to style it, Billy with his totally clear body and Clawdeen with that half and half bob that's just so retro. Love it.

I wish wish wish it had gotten a wider release.

Seems too often the really good dolls don't get a proper release *sulk*


The last MH doll that I got was chosen from T.J. Maxx yesterday: Voltageous Hair Frankie! The one that I'd put at the back of the row was still there, and I also got a gift for the person who'd gotten the doll for me.

I'm going to eat a new treat, open Frankie's box, and watch "Hotel Transylvania" on Halloween!  :)

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The Whispering Wolf / Wolfie

Target still had Casta Fierce on their website, so I ordered her (I hadn't bought her when she came out a couple of years ago) for Halloween, and I also bought Cleo de Nile and siblings Lux and Sandy pack, both because I wanted the younger siblings and to see how she was made. I like how reboot Cleo looks a bit more like she does in the original webisodes, as far as the eyes are painted (I bought 5 packs to make sure I would get at least one without wonky eyes! The great things is that I can return the other 4 to the local Target store, where they will collect dust with the other Monster High dolls, on the shelf). The joints look bad because they have weird gaps, and they are harder to bend, but she seems well made. I like her face, but there is just something decidedly un-magical about the re-boot dolls. I love the Lagoona/Kelpie pack too, but neither one is very poseable, which is a letdown. I can put Lagoona's head on a articulated body I guess, but there is no articulated body for Kelpie, which sucks because her arms look so unnaturally stiff and rigid and most of the fun is posing them realistically. I can't get over Clawdeen's reboot. She looks like a cousin of Clawdeen, but not like Clawdeen herself. She's cute, and her siblings are cute, but again, the lack of articulation ruins it in many ways.

I want to buy Finnegan "Rider" Wake off of Amazon, and Dead Tired Cleo next.

Maybe I Heart Fashion Wisp and Shriekwrecked Gooliope from Toys R Us.

Hello, i^D,

Wow! You've been going on some monstrously fangtastic shopping sprees!  :) Congrats!

You're smart to have ordered five sister sets. I agree about the non-articulation, but I am actually a total fan of Re-boot Clawdeen. She doesn't exactly look like her pre-Re-boot counterpart, though. Finnegan is a good choice, and I think that Dead Tired Cleo looks a lot like a Juliet Capulet type; I should get her someday.

Ooo! Shriekwrecked Gooliope! I got to choose from two or three of them when I went to a TRU X-press store! She may not have such great hair, though! Mine has nylon hair! ICK!  :(  Otherwise, she's really pretty!  :)

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The Whispering Wolf / Wolfie

Got dawn dancer draculana for $9 plus &4 shipping :) she's so pretty and is only missing her hat!


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