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Which Monster High doll was the latest MH doll that you bought / got?

I recently received an Art Class Abbey! My only regret is the fact that she has one righteous case of glue seepage...  :(  I'd better choose a day for the baking powder treatment....and get ready to heat up some water for removing her head.

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The Whispering Wolf

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Hello, C,

Huh? What does "wtmh" mean?  :o

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The Whispering Wolf

I think they mean Welcome to Monster High.

Hello, Breanna Burton,

Oh, yeah! Of course!  :)

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The Whispering Wolf / Wolfie

Gloom and Bloom Catrine, holy snot she's beautiful.

So much nicer than her Scaris version that I sold a while back. Her hair is so much nicer, the dark makeup really works against the white skin.

And Art Class Skelita who hasn't arrived yet.

Hello, purple_monkfish,

Congrats! I just Googled that Catrine, and she is indeed beautiful!

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The Whispering Wolf / "Wolfie"

Art Class Skelita came too. Man these sellers are managing to wedge them into small boxes. I never bend them because i'm paranoid about knee breakages but both have been fine despite being curled up into a small box with their legs up around their head. Poor dollies. Skelita is awesome too. I love her dress, the print of abstract ribcage is right up my alley. So i'm pleased to have examples of these two characters again. I sold both of my Scaris ones when I did my purge and always second guessed Skelita becuase she's such a unique and weird doll. But I didn't really LOVE her scaris doll.


Congrats, purple_monkfish!

Today, I went on a shopping spree, getting two Barbies at an antique store, and getting a few items at Wal*Mart (I know that I don't like shopping there, but I wanted to see what they had).

These items included Farmer Barbie, three small play packs, and....wait for it....

Electrified Clawdeen Wolf for....FIVE DOLLARS!  :)  :)  :) She was the only Electrified doll left!

I may customize her....

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The Whispering Wolf / Wolfie

Five dollars is a good deal! I would have bought her for that price even if I much prefer original Clawdeen.

Well, I carry on with my car boot sales obsession...

Last week-end, I have found swim line spectra. One more gorgeous ghost in my collection... A nude dance Class Operetta to redress (She is very beautiful) and another art class skelita wearing a different dress but with her shoes and belt. She's so cute and she was so cheap, I just could not leave her there! And I don't mind to have 2 of her. I also found accessories and clothes including Robecca fashion pack that is nearly complete... and I wanted it for so long...

I also bought a doll from a shop (crazy fool!). I did not buy her when I saw her the first time but I had regrets not getting her so... Holly O'Hair through the woods. I don't have a lot of EAH dolls and they are difficult to find now. And she has NO GLUE in her head! What a joy!

I ordered Frightfully Tall Ellissabat on Amazon. It's a character I don't know at all since she was introduced after I stopped collecting, but I had the shelf space for her on the board I use for the other FTG dolls.

I also got the 12" She-Ra doll from Mattel's shop. $75 is expensive but I was able to sell the extra outfits and stand for about half the total cost so the final price wasn't as bad. Next to a FTG Frankie, I don't have any normal MH dolls but it's to scale with them, slightly taller but probably as tall as Nefera or Bloodgood.

Hello, Tula and Diosoth,

Congrats, you two! 

You got some good deals, Tula! That Holly doll sounds super cool!

Congrats, Diosoth. Have you usually gotten good-looking tall dolls from Amazon? I'm usually afraid to order any dolls from online sites anymore, because, some of the time, they look really bad, with regards to their facial features.

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The Whispering Wolf

The 3 I already received were fine. Only 2 real issues to note and it's general issues-

1) the packages are a chore to open. Removing the clear window is hard, removing the cardboard inner is hard, clipping all the small ties is hard. Mattel's $300 Castle Grayskull set was easier to open than these $30 dolls. Part of it is that they are fit into a shorter box in a seating pose with some cardboard stool tacked to the skirt on top of all the other binding. I don't see a child opening these easily at all.

2) the waist clips- and I had issues with the clips for the normal dolls- are hard to get on. I'm always afraid these will ruin clothing and at this scale it's no different. Clawdeen is worse because her shirt has a rough black crumbled stone glued on for the pattern, this could easily damage that. The only replacement stands I know of at this scale are the old Kaiser stands you can get on eBay, the slim waist 17" to 18" stands, but they only come in white. I may get 3 and paint the rings anyway. I really wish Mattel had adopted the Bandai Figuarts design with an articulated clear claw and dropped these cheap things years ago- or even a peg in the back but I can see some people not wanting holes in the clothing even if it is in the back.

On the positive side the quality control is rather good- if only Mattel had pumped this level into their expensive Matty Collector brands. Joints are tight, paints are good, clothing isn't frayed. They might not stand too well on their own unless they lean back some, the regular dolls have balance issues and it's no better at a larger size. I will test tomorrow with Elissabat, if I can balance her I'll ditch the stands. I do use a slim shelf and can lean them back along the wall slightly by bending the knees even a few small degrees as I did with She-Ra.


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