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I found it too strange to be real.I lived in a normie neighbour hood where I was really no friends with the nieghbours.

But then today I got an invitiation to a Sleepover.It read:

                                                To Tribecca Spells.


                                        Come to my Sleepover,Fun and Games.

                                       I promise to hold you as a guestess at my House.

                                      Bring whatever  you please.More the better.

                                    Come or you will regrat it.come to:

                                      13 Bloodhound drive,CreepyVille

                                     At: Tommorow Friday 13th 2012


Very creepy it was almost like it was written in:BLOOD!

I had to go, my mother and Aunt made me.I brought Catspurr.She coiled up in my lap as we drove there. Funny, I thought It doesn't say when the sleepover ends.

The Van pulled over at an old manor.(like the one in THE HAUNTED MANSION : 
THE HAUNTED MANSION TRAILER - YouTube ) Very Spooky.A shiever ran down my spine. Another Van ran up the Drivway. It was Cattrina!

"You Got invited too?" I said.She gave a confused look."You didn't invite me?" She said.

The gate opened up suddenly."WooaHHHH."I said stepping bad."MEoW!!!" Catspurr curled up in my arms shaking.

We walked in and then  were appeared to...... 

"EEKKKK!!" me and Cattrina jump and then (You guessed it) hug in a terrified way.

Its just skelette in her Pajamas eating ice cream."So you got invited?" she says.We sit on the couch in our pajama's.

"So do you guys know who invited us?"I say. ( carry on with the Role play)


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I turned around to see you."You too?Who are you?You the one that brought us here!" I said.

(( of course)) "So answer you the one who....." I say but then get intruppted by Hienz."Hello there, the master isn't ready yet." Hienz the Butler says."That answers your question!" Cattrina meows.

(Can I join please?)

EAKKKK!!!!!!! Tribecca jumps to hear you.

(I'll be my oc, Maddie! How many oc's can we be?)


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