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As my friends know, I've been extremely inactive. I'm leaving. I'm sorry, this isn't by choice. Personal stuff. But I might return. So here is my plot:

Shane Shaun and Volcanica are moving, it's up to your ocs to make sure they never forget them! They have to have as much fun as possible. This is my final RP, but I will return one day. Don't ask to join, just jump in. I will put my thanks in at the end.

Shane's POV

I sighed as Shaun blinked back tears. Volcanica cried harder and harder. For once me and Shaun were not grinning and joking. We both had frowns and stinging eyes. We were moving. I sighed again and waited for my friends. I haven't told them yet. We are going today.

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Bump. :(

Shaun hugged her tight. "I will never find another monster like you."he said. Shane sighed. Volcanica sobbed and cured more.


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