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Since THG fever has died out, I decided to make a Hunger Games RP for our Monster High OCs because it wouldn't get lost in a sea of Hunger Games RPs. Basically, our monsters live in the twelve districts, and the government takes two teenage monsters from each district to fight to the death.

In this RP, any immortal monster will be mortal. Any scars, wounds, injuries that can be healed on a monster with healing powers will not be healed. They will probably still retain their abilities, but to an extent.

The arena and all that haven't been decided yet, but it you want to throw in two cents, or maybe even two dollars, go ahead. I'm open to all ideas. I'm Zena Freakin' Amicus, here.

A few notes:
• Please, please, please, use third person, past tense. I know that Suzanne Collins wrote in first person, present, but y'know, make it easy for us.
• Please (x100) use correct grammar, spelling, punctuation and formatting. If you're roleplaying two different characters, put their dialogue on a separate line. You learnt this in English class. It's obvious. C'mon.
• Quote a classical literacy author in your introductory post before you begin.
• Obey all rules.
• Fill in the form below the list of tributes and mentors
• Lots of description. If you're a person who can write 200 words per post, excellent. But don't make every post 200 words, just the important ones. 50 words is good too. And sometimes, one-liners keep the action going.
• Have fun. Seriously. If you don't have fun, I'm going to put you in a box and kill you Schrödinger Cat style. Boom. Gunpower.
District 1 –
District 2 –
District 3 –
District 4 –
District 5 –
District 6 –
District 7 –
District 8 –
District 9 –
District 10 –
District 11 –
District 12 –
District 1 –
District 2 –
District 3 –
District 4 –
District 5 –
District 6 –
District 7 –
District 8 –
District 9 –
District 10 –
District 11 – Alexis Underworld
District 12 –
Other Characters
Idris F. Shea – Gamemaster
Any other information about them that will be changed for this RP: [add history for this part as well. At least 75 words here, please!]
Just fill in the short form above, wait for me to accept your character, and we'll RP.

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Character: Alexis Underworld
Role: Mentor for District 11.
Any other information about them that will be changed for this RP: Alexis was known as the egotistic granddaughter of the Mayor of District 11. When she was fourteen (AKA, last year), her name came out of the reaping-box-jar-thingy, and when no one volunteered, Al walked on stage with a shrug, a part of her totally not willing to go to the Hunger Games, and another part knowing that she would win. She DID win, because witty lines and dropping random items on people's heads is the way to go. She went back to District 11 with a smaller ego, and now spends her days wondering whether Panem should go and stick their head in the toilet for being a dictatorship-ruled country.

Character: Idris Fayette Shea.
Role: Game master
Any other information about them that will be changed for this RP: Idris grew up in Panem, becoming a spoilt and cruel young woman. She often spoke with a scowl, and always got what she demanding. As a young girl, she loved watching the Hunger Games, and even though she could never join in, she would practise sword-fighting in a room in the large house she lived in. When the opportunity came around for new Gamemasters, Idris jumped on the offer immediately, wanting to create arenas and continue watching kids fight to their death. Oh, and um, Idris still has her wings. And sword-fighting skills. And the ability to incapacitate whomever she wants.
Hi TDLD! Stevie can join, but could you add more info? 75 words at least.

Okay I'm doing this :) I may add Maho' later.. 'Don't Panic!' - Douglas Adams

Character: le Jenny Odd-Ball
Role: Tribute for District 8
Info: Jenny grew up in a poor-ish family, with not a lot to eat. Her father worked in the factories and her mother had died when Jenny was six.

She showed a knack for sewing from a young age and started working on sewing clothes in the factory. In addition to sewing, she was used as a messenger to run messages from one factory to another, so she has a decent amount of stamina. 

In her free time she would climb on to the roofs of buildings and small out of the way areas and watch the world travel by.

Because of the lack of food, Jenny found many types of edible fungus growing in the factories so she has a reasonable knowledge of how to tell whether a plant is edible or not.


Character: Coop Valentine (old, under-used, noobish OC that I thought would be perfect for the role. You don't have to approve him..)

Role: Hunger Games Host (Interviewer)

Info: Coop grew up in a wealthy capitol family. As he grew older, he attended many parties and became a sort of face of the Capitol, life of the party guy. When the position of Host became open, he was approached and offered the job. He, of course, accepted.

This will be his 3rd year.

He has a knack for making tributes seem better than they are.

Also, his voice is incredibly annoying to anyone not used to the capitol.

Okie dokie, TDLD, you're accepted, but I have no idea what you mean by a wealthy family in Idris. o_O. The wealthy people in the districts are pretty much the mayor and their families, as well as the people who reside in Panem.

Definitely accepted, Jenny! And sure, you can use Valentine. He sounds interesting! I can't wait to see how he'll be like. Also, NICE quote! I love the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy and Douglas Adams. :D
I never read Morta Instruments and yay for Artemis Fowl! It's an epic series, and DO consider making a pixie or elf or dwarf OC based on AF, TDLD! Other than that, you can join. Same with you MTW, it'll be epic.

I can't edit the discussion because doesn't allow it (it also doesn't allow me to log into <_<)

Artemis Fowl, BEST SERIES EVA!!! I'm up to the Time Paradox. It's good to see I'm not the only fan on here,

Oh and Zena, maybe try other proxies. From my scrounging-for-free-stuff Stardoll days, WebWarper is pretty good. There's some other ones that are pretty efficient that have slipped my mind, but do try a bunch, it pays off.

Okay, before it dies, does anyone want us to start this RP?


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