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Ever since I was a young girl (Which honestly was not very long ago) I have pondered about the prospect of owning my own fashion doll line. My concept is mostly in my head for now, and the only thing about it that I will disclose is that it is based around outer space. Aliens are super fun to make.

Anyways, I was wondering, what type of additives would you like to see on a doll in the coming future? Concepts, maybe a certain body or face mold, yadda yadda. Sorry if there is already a topic like this... 

For me, I would like to see more glass eyes/inset eyes. Sort of like Bratzillaz, or Pullip. I know Liv did that as well, but they were a bit unsettling at times. 

More outrageous hair and skin colors. I think this is the ultimate draw of Monster High, among other things and doll lines like Novi Stars are getting it. Sort of like getting a color palette and since there are no human skin colors, you have to pick a colorful looking one.

Articulation is in: And it may never go out. I see that articuation is big now, and for some people lack of articulation can be a huge turn off. I rather like highly-articulated dolls myself, it just gives it a little more 'oomph' and makes playtime even more fun, hehe.

Another thing to discuss: Overused concepts? Ones that need to be revived and given a makeover? Ones that need more exposure?

So what new advances are you looking forward to/hope will be implented?

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 i agree with this!
 I'd also like to add,  not all dolls for girls have to be pretty and not all dolls for boys have to be strong heros..

 i'd like to see whimsical  bizzare alien doll concepts, with varied  sculpts , some maybe less human in body type  although that may be hard to do and keep it an affordable fashion doll line.

 i'd like to see more  monstery monsters, action heros  for girls and boys. 

 i love the whimzy of novistars, but  i think that the lack of posability hurt the line.. would have love boys too , and more variation in face moulds / bodytype or body acessories?

again i think the unisex  thing is a big point.

purple_monkfish said:

Articulation has become a MUST have imo. It adds so much to the playability to be able to pose the doll. The way kids play with dolls is changing, nowadays they like to do photo stories and so on so posing is essential!

Character specific face moulds is something MH has spoiled us with, and I LOVE it. I'd like to see more doll lines with every character using their own unique mould, much more interesting than an army of different toned clones.

And i'd love to see a doll line that features real bloody fashions. You know, clothes REAL PEOPLE wear. Barbie is far too generic safe dresses right now, too much glam, not enough high street. I don't want a glam girl all the time, who the hell wears a ballgown or party dress every day of the year?

Less pink, less glitter, more realism. Ok this stems to the human dolls. Again Barbie. I am SO sick of her "career" fashions being so unrealistic. I was excited about the idea of nurse Barbie in scrubs at last, but they screwed it up making them freaking glittery! WHY!?? Back in the 60s and 70s doll clothing reflected some degree of realism, Barbie and Sindy had clothes real people wore in miniature, including their career outfits. Modern equivilents would be amazing. Proper scrubs for nurse babs, a real doctor outfit without pink and glitter, how about a two pack featuring doctor Barbie and Nurse Ken? Ken as a male nurse would be awesome.

A space suit with GLOVES. Poor Barbie, her newest Nasa approved space suit has a serious decompression issue with those gloves being absent. It really bothers me.

I dunno, I suppose I just find the overly "sexy" or "cutesy" outfits annoying when they could be realistic and awesome. I love miniatures and it's mostly the crazy detailed hyper realistic clothing that has me obsessed with vintage dolls. (Teeny buttons omg... little working pockets.. omg... proper tailoring!?? YESSS)

More boys. MGA had a good diea with Bratz Boyz as a line of their own, we need more like that. Hell, we just need more boys included in doll lines. And NOT just "boyfriend of this character", I want to see boys introduced to lines just as a friend. I dislike this attitude that boy dolls will only sell if they're romantically attached to a female, and the message it brings ("Hey girls, you can't JUST be friends with a guy) unsettles me. It's why I like Operetta, her two bffs are guys. She's not dating either, they're just her friends and that is GREAT! As a girl who never much got on with other girls, the message that it's totally cool and normal to have predominantly guy friends is fantastic.

Also I just love boy dolls. They're sorely under-represented in doll lines.

And my biggest one, STOP labelling "dolls" under "girl toys". The "girl toy/boy toy" labelling has to die already. It's archaic and it's sexist and it creates this situation where a boy doesn't feel comfortable in the pink aisle of barbie madness and a girl feels unwelcome looking at action figures. That's not fair, gender shouldn't determine the sort of toys you want to play with. Lump the army guys in with the Barbies as "dolls and figures", put all the construction stuff together as "construction" and all the home stuff and costumes as "Roleplay"

less "boy/girl" more, "what sort of toy it is" thank you. There's a lot of guys who like dolls and they shouldn't be made to feel like that's wrong. As a mother of three boys, i'd love to be able to go into a toy store and not have them whine "but this is the girl bit!!" when we looked at the dolls. Why do they whine? Because they feel like it's taboo to be looking at Barbie and being male. I HATE that. I missed out on so many awesome toys as a kid because I was scared of the "boy" aisle. It's stupid, but kids are quite affected by these unspoken "rules" and when I was young, going into the aisle for the opposite gender was almost as bad as going into the wrong toilet.

End the madness!

But yeah, less pink, less glitter, more articulation, better outfits and more boys. That'd be sweet.

yeah! why can't they at least make gay pride barbie :)

another_monster said:

A gay/lesbian character is all I ask for u.u
Or at least just a supporter tbh.

If the Novi Stars came with better quality hair, articulated bodies and unique face molds, I would be oh so happy. 

Each doll should come with a change of clothing as well.


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