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I posted this in another thread but i should have given it it's own thread! I'm not sure if this is true or just a rumor but I've been expecting it if it's true!

Update: This is just a rumor!!!!!!!!

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I kind of just wish they would end it to save me the trouble of worrying about the line because as long as Monster High is on the market I will forever be addicted to it no matter how bad it gets. Lol

Oh no!! In a way, I see what you mean even if it cannot happen to me considering my feelings about the reboot!

On the same note, I wish they will never release any rebooted Spectra and Ghoulia to save me the disappointment of seeing them being disfigured! I hope it will never happen! Please Mattel, save Spectra and Ghoulia! Never do any reboot version of these two...


Call me cray cray, but I am really looking forward to the 2017 dolls.

I don't like the fact that there are still tons of wonky re-boot dolls out there, I am actually excited about the Families dolls, etc.

Wishful thinking makes me hope for a new wave of extra large dolls, but that's just....wishful thinking....

The Whispering Wolf

I am coming out of the shadows (lol) to personally state that I agree with the people saying it should just end. I haven't bought a Monster High toy since 2015 or early 2016, and was especially not happy with their "reboot." I think Monster High has run its course and I think they should stop before they damage its reputation by separate attempts to save something that's already dead. Monster High changed my life, but it's time for Mattel to move on to new options. Besides, that would make the good dolls ULTRA collectible!!

Hello, Dashner Hawke,

I respectfully disagree.

I am partial to the re-boot (I only wish that the quality was better....), but I would also not be thrilled about the prices of the older dolls going through the roof.

<Disappears into a shadow>


The Whispering Wolf

the older dolls are crazy cheap atm. Ever the rarer ones. The bubble burst, people are shedding their collections, even if Mattel discontinued the line I doubt the prices would rise much simply because they already would HAVE. Instead of seeing collectors scramble to buy up older dolls and driving demand up, we're seeing collectors selling off their collections and saturating the market, driving prices down.

Great time to be buying older dolls, especially deboxed ones.

I'll try

Pretty much. As i've posted in the UK thread i've managed to get a bunch of older dolls from ebay for cheapsies, and while i've gotten everyone i've wanted for now, i know i can just go back and get any others for the same.

Unless of course its something rare for whatever reason, like Sweet Screams Frankie or something.


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