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I posted this in another thread but i should have given it it's own thread! I'm not sure if this is true or just a rumor but I've been expecting it if it's true!

Update: This is just a rumor!!!!!!!!

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I kind of just wish they would end it to save me the trouble of worrying about the line because as long as Monster High is on the market I will forever be addicted to it no matter how bad it gets. Lol

Oh no!! In a way, I see what you mean even if it cannot happen to me considering my feelings about the reboot!

On the same note, I wish they will never release any rebooted Spectra and Ghoulia to save me the disappointment of seeing them being disfigured! I hope it will never happen! Please Mattel, save Spectra and Ghoulia! Never do any reboot version of these two...


Call me cray cray, but I am really looking forward to the 2017 dolls.

I don't like the fact that there are still tons of wonky re-boot dolls out there, I am actually excited about the Families dolls, etc.

Wishful thinking makes me hope for a new wave of extra large dolls, but that's just....wishful thinking....

The Whispering Wolf


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