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I posted this in another thread but i should have given it it's own thread! I'm not sure if this is true or just a rumor but I've been expecting it if it's true!

Update: This is just a rumor!!!!!!!!

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" I just get so irritated when they purposely do things to put others down."

Doesn't take much to irritate you anyway and most of it is all in your mind.

Be nice, and I do mean both of you. I know you guys have an ongoing spat but can you please try not to spill it everywhere? that'd be cool.

You need to vent Spectra? feel free to pm me, i'm always about to listen. You too quimbear.

Feel free to spam me with "arghhhh annoyed" stuff.

Nice try, Quimbear, but that's a lie from your mind. You irritate yourself and you get yourself riled up So try as you might, you'll never be able to pin any of your bitterness and frustration on me. It's not gonna work. You're the sole responsible for your anger management issues.

hush hush, come on guys. I'm grumpy and don't wanna have to break up silly arguments.

cut it out.

Just... zip it. You know that bit in Austin Powers? "ziiiip!" "zip... " "Zip it, real good. " "zzzzzzip"


I'm old.


also the source (muhabagci) is sharing his opinion and is not basing any facts. so the thread title should be changed to rumor....

im hoping they are just a bitter betty over the reboot.

I did put I wasn't sure if it was a rumor or not, but I will change it.

"Mattel commented on instagram saying Monster High has new products for years to come. They arent going anywhere anytime soon"

That's a complete and utter lie. Mattel lies all the time and they have become totally unreliable. Monster High is clinically brain dead and hooked a respiratory machine. It has been dying since the reboot started and the franchise is losing more and more fans, which also means, losing a lot of money. If they manage to make it to 2018, it'll be a miracle.

someone did link the slideshow

While they may have plans, I don't think it's looking good. I mean, look at retailers. Maybe the picture is different in tthe US but here in the UK fewer and fewer stores are restocking MH and we've gotten very little of the reboot. It's not looking that promising.

And i've noticed in my years collecting that once a toy brand fails over here, it limps on for a few years in the US but it's very uh... yeah.

We didn't get the last few waves of things like Liv when they failed, they limped on for about a year in the what seems to be more forgiving US market before the plug was finally pulled. Same with a great many other doll brands that have come and gone. They've failed to gain traction over here, disappeared from shelves and then finally died properly after going through several telling phases. the "no more articulation" phase (Liv did it too), the "gimmicks gimmicks throw everything at this it lights up transforms and poops rainbows omg GIMMICKS! phase and also "BABIES!" "PUPPIES!" "KITTENS!" "FAIRIES!" "GLITTER" and so on.

Mattel's kinda... doing all this at once with MH so... yeaaaah... I'm not optimistic.

The gimmick overload, moulded clothing and what looks like a move to less articulated bodies reeks of a brand in their dying gasps.

I've watched this happen over so... so many franchises.

Yeah it might continue for a few years, but it'll be limping on, wishing someone would just put it out of its misery.

Also Spectra's right, Mattel are lying scumbags.

Since you started, perhaps you should stop, before barking orders at others.

Thing is, no one believes Mattel anymore. And again, stop being so whiny and paranoid. You sound like you're being persecuted or playing the victim.

Given Mattel's recent behavior, I don't think it's unreasonable to not believe a word they say. Have you seen their American girl thing? they accused a customer of lying and faking photos when they posted this squishy vinyl tail butt body thing and then deleted loads of stuff and distracted everyone with new releases "look shiny things!"

They deleted all the posts about venus on the MH fb page too.

They've lied repeatedly to me. "we'll phone!" then they don't. "we appreciate your customer" turns out to be a form letter and absolute crap. "quality matters" but then they don't want to hear your complaint.

I don't believe them at all. Spectra coming back? Nah. Ghoulia? Maybe but she'll be seriously watered down. And sure, they might have a couple of years of ideas but you can bet they're more Barbie-like rubbish like those damn fairies and toddler dolls.


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