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I posted this in another thread but i should have given it it's own thread! I'm not sure if this is true or just a rumor but I've been expecting it if it's true!

Update: This is just a rumor!!!!!!!!

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^ All true.

I've just stopped believing what Mattel is saying on social media. I have very little faith in them at this point.

frankly Im fine of it ends. I have more than enough dolls from G1 and I really need a wallet break. Im just sad I never got Ghoulia for the reboot. :(

eh, bet she'll have a gross gappy body and lose all her appeal anyway though. I have zero faith in Mattel at this point.

though sorting through my old dolls to pick which ones to sell is helping a bit, reminicing and rediscovering a time when they were actually passionate. *sigh* remembering the good ol' days and how much joy they brought me.

It's kinda bittersweet.

My wallet would be happy, if I didn't know full well i'll just use that money to buy more expensive dolls instead.

My plan with all this "screw you Mattel" money is to put it toward my savings for a very very special OOAK bjd. But of course, this all depends upon getting more than a few quid for each doll.

Something else will come along, and here's to another 6+ years of whatever that is.

It will be quite unfortunate if Monster High does end soon as it's probably my current favorite doll line from Mattel. Plus, there'so much narrative potential that th other dolls frankly do not have. As much as I like Equestria Girls and Ever After High, I feel like Monster High is the only series where the obligatory high school trope feels not only integral to the overarching narrative, but also a genuinely interesting aspect of the world. So much of media aimed towards girls in particular (and don't get me started on anime) do the high school trope so dreadfully wrong and shoehorn it into the most absurd principles that seeing one that does (while not without its own weird problems) does it tremewndously right in many other ways is like a fresh breeze in the medium.

That said, there were so many beautiful and macabre dolls in this line that I just adored that it's just a shame that Mattel has mismanaged the brand as they have. Spectra is my absolute fave so I am especially sad that they seem to be having difficulties with her. Also, despite Hasbro's announcement that MH won't be ending, I do agree that the statement is pretty meaningles. Mattel's Twitter is just a subsidary of PR, and as such they don't really speak for the accountants and marketers that actually run the busines. PLus, you can't expect any business to just flat out admit when their own brand is failing. That's bad press, and no company wants that. If it t5urns out to not be true, great. Otherwise, I'm still skeptical.

At this point, I've lost a lot of my attachment to Monster High - none of the new releases match the standard of 2010/2011 releases (gosh those days were easier), even before the reboot you could tell that things were going downhill. Now it's even worse: not only are the dolls bad, but Mattel have proved themselves to be inefficient in dealing with complaints, and have genuinely disgusted me over the past few months. MGA is pretty iffy, but at least they admit to their failures, like pulling the false advertising off social media. Mattel is just sweeping everything under the rug and expecting us to be fine with it. 

If they decided to pull the plug now, there's a slim chance that I'd have a problem with it. It's kind of dead anyway in my eyes. 

seeing the toy fair pics, yeah... this is the death spiral of a dying franchise. All those static bodies, all those gimmicks and all those toddlers. The cheap simple outfits with no real care or detail put in. Heck, I suspect those fairy ones (toralei, twyla) might have static knees even.

just... at this point, we've seen this before. This is what happens when a franchise is circling the drain, it limps on for some reason, the company too scared to just pull the plug they instead churn out lackluster weird releases that make no sense or have absolutely no passion or love put into them. It's like, just killing time while they wait for the life support to switch off.

And in my experience after many years of collecting dolls and seeing many many franchises die out, yeah.. Monster High is on life support right now. Toyfair images confirm it for me.

I give it 6 months in the UK, maybe 18 in the US because the US market seems to be way more forgiving.

Already uk stores have stopped stocking MH, new stuff just isn't coming in. there's been no major reset of reboot products, we get dribs and drabs. Already stuff is being super clearanced and this is a country that doesn't usually DO super clearancing. For Smyths to drop reboot dolls to £3 reeks of "please take this stock off us!" desperation. Other places have them down to £6-10 so half price or less. And this is stuff that was only released shortly before christmas, it's not old stock. And it's not being replaced with new stuff. It's just... going. The space being used for other franchises and brands.

I have watched this happen time and time again across multiple lines. My Scene, Liv, Bratz and so on... they all did this spiral where the quality and the detail just plummets. Dolls become cheaper without the price dropping, more moulded clothing, more inexplicable gimmicks, less joints, less characters, a real focus on the "safe" sellers and a whole lot of really weird themed lines.

Anyone at this point who thinks MH is getting better or stronger and isn't in serious trouble is deluding themselves. The toy fair images stink of a franchise that's clawing on for dear life and losing their grip rapidly.

The end is nigh, Mattel just don't want to admit it yet.

Judging solely by a quick glance at Google Images, I don't really mind the change in the look of the dolls too much, though I do agree it's a step downward.  It's mostly that I feel it was sort of unnecessary and ultimately failed at whatever they were trying to achieve anyway.

I haven't been nearly as up to date on the line as others, though, so if there's something egregriously worse about them that I'm not getting, do feel free to tell me, but I feel my biggest complaint is more towards the management of the brand than the overall quality.

EDIT- Seeing some pics posted on this forum (as opposed to the promotional material), yeah okay I see why this is bad. I guess Mattel didn't have an interest in quality control.

The whole thing is truly heartbreaking. I will always remember how good I felt inside when I started to take an interest in MH and the very first 2 lines they had released. Back then, everything was so unique, edgy & different. Each ghoul had her own beautifully designed artwork, her own special box with specific colors and the dolls were all exciting, even those we were not fans of. Because if we dislike whatever ghoul for whatever reason, her dolls were interesting and there was a certain kind of undeniable magic in the whole thing. I would feel like I was 5 yo again when I would arrive at one of my favorite stores and find new and unexpected dolls for the franchise. And then, it started to grow so big, with so many different characters for everyone. Even the characters I did not relate to or feel any attachment to had beautiful dolls. One day, Mattel decided to rest on its laurels and MH started to change little by little. They got lazy and started to put less attention and care in the designs, And then, they decided to give in to the pressure made by holier than thou parents and not long afterward, the reboot arrive. *sigh*

I know I'm repeating myself but I shall always remember the first time and how good it felt falling in love with MH. The joy and excitement of buying my first 2 dolls (Ghoulia & Lagoona) and bringing them home, and wanting to buy more. Laugh if you want to, but I almost feel like crying when I see what MH has become and how it has been destroyed. I'll forever cherish those precious memories of the first times.  

I'm gonna write a retrospective. I too remember the "good old days". Going to Argos when MH first launched and picking up Frankie, then going back to try to find Lagoona. Going into tru the day their new store opened to get the exclusive deuce/cleo 2 pack. grabbing any clawdeen I could find to send to Europe because customers there weren't seeing her at all. The search for Ghoulia and sending my husband a delighted text "I FOUND HER!" with photos.

I mean damn.. back then it was a pleasure to go hunting, there was excitement and enthusiasm and they were treasures.

slowly that fun became frustration and then just apathy.

But those early days, the diaries, the characters they built... they were awesome. So much passion was put into the original lines and it was obvious from everything from unique stand colours and packaging to the diaries to the teeny hidden details on the dolls themselves (Jackson's tattoo for instance and the way his shadow on the GB box is Holt)

They felt like adult collectables, honestly that's what I thought of them as. And even toward the end of g1 there were still some real gem dolls.

I mean the mermaids were fun, a tacky cliche doll trope turned on it's head and made dark and bizarre... heck yeah!

I look at my old dolls I mean, i do love them. And I have very fond memories of those days. But that's why it's so heartbreaking that it's all fallen apart and the passion has been replaced with this sort of... disgusting contemptuous attitude from Mattel themselves.

I'm grieving and i'm finding that a bit difficult because it's been 6 years of my life you know? that's a long time and an awful lot of dolls and canon to invest in. I can still remember the excitement of new releases and new catalogue day at argos and getting the doll home and opening them, examining all the details, reading their diary.. it was a whole experience. I remember it, and I miss it. I haven't managed to find anything that quite rekindles that pure JOY. the multimedia engagement was excellent. They lost track of their own canon pretty fast but the combination of cartoon, diary, dolls, books... it was a great idea. I enjoyed the comics very much, and I did enjoy several of the movies and webisodes. They got a bit dross toward the end but I really will miss that established universe they built.

Dearest Violet Owl,

Thank you for exactly articulating exactly everything going on in my heart and mind about Monster High of yesteryear. Those original dolls were such a magical experience: the amazing concept, the boxes were perfection (not cheap gimmicky commercial crap, those boxes were artwork. I saved mine just because they were so cool), the diary, stand, pet, details--they all made you feel not only like you had bought a item of incredible quality, almost like a work of pride from a doll artist, but it was also like entering a new world, familiar, but with a interesting, fantastical twist. And the webisodes...and then how many people were inspired to create their own custom was incredible! I had just turned 20, just had my own income and the freedom to do what I wanted, but still wanted some of that comfort of was just a perfect synchronized mix.

My first dolls were Lagoona and Clawdeen. I still remember opening Lagoona. It was like Christmas almost, the wonder of unexpected details, and that feeling of having a new friend. I still try to understand the genius behind how they managed to do that. The webisodes really helped too. I couldn't get enough. When I felt miserable in college, getting a new doll or watching a new webisode was what I looked forward to in order to escape just a little. Plus I made a awesome friend/pen pal here on That is still magical too.

Then, in spite of the fact that they couldn't keep the dolls on the shelf, in spite of the fact that people were buying them as soon as they were stocked, in spite of the fact that people were paying ridiculous prices on the internet to "scalpers", Mattel decided to take their winning formula, with all the heart and emotional appeal and realism, and utterly ruin it all. First, there was the inexplicable and unsightly "pink blight" or "pinkwashing" of EVERYTHING. Every new character, old character, playset, etc. was steeped in hues of cheap, blaring pink. It was jarring and took away from the classic effect that Monster High originally had. Monster High went from upscale to retail, and it turned people off. Even little kids don't like to be "talked down to" or have things dumbed down like they're stupid, and this was the visual equivalent of that.

Then, bothering to build personalities or proper storylines started to go. The movies sucked, the plots inane and predictable with more holes than a block of pumice. Like you, Violet Owl, I still loved and bought even nonsensical dolls made for no apparent reason and shoehorned into the films for no apparent reason, because they certainly were given no personality whatsoever, dolls like Elle Eedee, Mouseades, Luna Mothews, or dolls that were completely stereotypical "antagonist/mean girl" like Kala because they were still so beautiful and unique and detailed that they could stand on their own. It was easy to look at them and imagine stories and personalities for them because they were still so beautiful and well-made and unique and interesting. But Mattel no longer took pride in their own work: the stands were gone, the pets were gone, the characters were unimportant to any story at all, the messages went from shared experiences we could all relate to to ham-fisted lecture-y stories with morals like some kind of exaggerated Aesop's fable or 1980's family show, and people stopped buying, the packaging ugly, cheap, unremarkable garbage. Boo York dolls, as wonderfully crafted as they were, couldn't be given away, they sat on shelves (and then clearance shelves) for what seemed like forever. I still expect to see them there in Wal-Mart sometimes. But I still held hope that in the future, they would fix these mistakes.

And now, they destroy what was left of the good quality and mature concepts of Monster High to offer baby-fied crap NO ONE wants. Angry self-righteous big mouth blogger moms still aren't buying "devil dolls" because they simply will never want any doll labelled "monster", no matter how cutsey you make it. Hell, those poor little spaniel dog dolls (Pinkie Cooper--very sweet, very cute, great quality, non-controversial) were discontinued. These moms just run their big mouths. Mattel should have done what the rest of us did, and IGNORED THEM. Unfortunately, they did what made no sense at all and decided to destroy everything their very solid, very numerous, very loyal fan base loved about Monster High in an attempt to appeal to no one at all. NO ONE WANTS MONSTER HOME-SCHOOL. BIG MOUTH HOME-SCHOOL NUTBAGS WHO BLOG ARE A MINORITY, NO MATTER HOW MUCH THEY TALK AND NO MATTER HOW MUCH THEY WANT YOU TO BELIEVE THAT THE OPPOSITE IS TRUE. THEY WILL NEVER BE FANS OF YOURS AND THEY DO NOT MATTER TO YOUR BUSINESS. DO YOU UNDERSTAND THAT THESE PEOPLE BELIEVE EVERYTHING FROM POKEMON AND HELLO KITTY TO SATURDAY MORNING CARTOONS AND EVERYTHING ELSE A CHILD GROWING UP IN WESTERN SOCIETY SHOULD ENJOY AS PART OF GROWING UP IS FROM SATAN????!!!!! DO YOU UNDERSTAND THESE ARE DISTURBED CONTROL-FREAKS WITH NOTHING BETTER TO DO THAN SIT AROUND AND BE BITTER KNOW-IT-ALLS WHO "CARE ABOUT CHILDREN" WHEN THEY ARE REALLY DISTURBED INDIVIDUALS WITH SERIOUS INTERNAL PERSONAL ISSUES????!!!!!!! And they have succeeded very well. I couldn't even find Monster High in TOYS R US on my last visit there. I finally saw them on one shelf at the very top.

I loved Silvi Timberwolf. She is beautiful, and the last Monster High release that didn't leave me with a "bad taste in my mouth". The new little siblings lack articulation, which is just...unbelievable and awkward and disappointing, even though the concept and the faces are good. Treesa is...nice, but way overpriced and the little magical forest things is cheaply and clumsily done. Yuck. The Monster High webisodes ("Ghoul Squad") are completely banal. They are the complete embodiment of the word banal. It was like someone at Mattel said, "Garrett Sanders dinged my car door. I will exact my revenge by killing Monster High via banality. Oh, and awful quality." And then THEY DID.

In conclusion, Monster High's once awesome, unique, INTERESTING concept has been completely discarded and is gone from the new products. None of the new stuff is INTERESTING or makes me care about the characters at all...if we can even call them characters, since they lack...character, or know, anything that would make me care at all or become somewhat emotionally involved. Thanks for stripping away nearly every single appealing aspect of your product offerings, you idiots over at Mattel. Thanks alot. I am really enjoying retaining the money I would have spent on Monster High if you bothered making a quality product with heart and soul and art anymore. Ha ha! Your loss! I just wish I wasn't so sad about this whole tragic mismanagement of your best doll line ever :( Thanks for ruining one of the things I really enjoyed and looked forward to the most.

I too feel like crying when I see what MH has become and how it has been destroyed. I too will forever cherish those precious memories of the first times. This will leave a hole in my life. New Monster high dolls, new Monster High webisodes were something I looked forward to so much. Sometimes they got me through the day. They were...magical. And special. And it's obvious by the tiny space they occupy on the shelf, despite loads of backstock, that even bad quality, banal Monster High will be gone soon. And that hurts. I guess I could never pull the plug on loved one. I would always want "just one more day" to hold them next to me, to hope they might miraculously heal, just to look forward to seeing their face at the end of the day and pretend they were just sleeping soundly...and that's how I feel about Monster High. As crappy as it is least it's there. We can complain about it, it's not the same, it's nothing like it used to be, not the same at all. But something is better than nothing...even though it's really already basically gone in spirit.

Oh gosh, this is depressing :(

Why sales are down is really pretty simple . The less goth/punk/emo the dolls become the more the sales go down... Don't know why  Matel cant pick up on that.

The new colors  looks like something the Byzantine empire would have came up with .  When they were basically goth/punk dolls they sold like hot cakes.

Also they came out with the supper cool 17 inch bodies but never updated the 17 inch line.


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