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I posted this in another thread but i should have given it it's own thread! I'm not sure if this is true or just a rumor but I've been expecting it if it's true!

Update: This is just a rumor!!!!!!!!

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While i'll be really freakin bummed if this happens, it wouldnt surprise me, given the look of the stock in the UK right now.

but man.... i really like the reboot! its such a shame so many people dont.

I highly doubt that MH is ending.They just started the reboot and they are making a series for it on YouTube.Plus they won't be making DC superhero girls dolls jacks Pacific is making them now.That means Mattel now has three brands left.

Let's face reality: MH started to die, slowly and painfully, as soon as G2 started. The franchise is now hooked on a respiratory machine that needs to be unplugged, out of mercy and dignity.

Yeah I agree MH does need to end,gen 2 is just terrible the dolls have become super cheap and the plot isn't any better.

Well I think the newer bodies are an improvement. The g1 bodies were super frail and cheaper than the current ones.

I actually agree here. The reboot lost them the last fans they had left. MH had lost new blood, but instead of embracing the remaining old guard while trying to attract new fans they instead opted to alienate the old fans but completely retconning everything we knew and loved and stripping out everything we liked about the franchise in the first place. I feel like it was a very tonedeaf misstep. They completely failed to understand WHY MH had been successful in the first place and given the amount of parents who said their kids really hated the reboot and couldn't understand why it was all changing, they really screwed up and lost a lot of fans when they made the switchover.

coupled with the cheapification of much of the brand (moulded clothing, lost articulation, really simple outfits on many, half print dresses, no stands, no brushes, slim line budget boxes for deluxe price dolls etc) it really doesn't feel like you're getting value for money either.

you're getting less for more, may as well buy secondhand older dolls and I think that's what's happened. People are buying older dolls and ignoring the reboot.

Look how fast a lot of it went on clearance!

I think i'm okay with it though. Mattel's general attitude toward customers and the generally lacklustre releases make me feel like at this point, it's a mercy killing.

I think the static arms and molded clothing is to save money because they're not selling that well any more, but all doll lines are suffering not just MH.

I had to delete a load of stuff.

Play nice, or you don't get to play.

That is all.

Sorry anyone who got caught in that, when you delete the master thread all the replies go too.

i know, the negativity board has helped ease it a bit thankfully. I know what it's like to be SO passionate about something that you have have have to share your upset though. Goodness knows I often want to. Man, if I see anyone gushing over reboot venus it'll be hard to stop myself from remarking ahem.

That's why I don't post here as often. I found another MH forum where the people are more civil and positive. This forum used to be my favorite but the negativity is frustrating sometimes.

Sorry. Is that the arena? I can't go there, a particularly ex mod hangs out there and yeaaah... things kinda split into "her realm, my realm". But I don't mind negativity, I dislike my feelings and opinions being policed and told to "be positive" all the time, irks me.

i'm banned from mharena just because i posted threads in the wrong section.


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