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Can someone help me out?

Watching youtube vids I'm starting to get into doll customizing. I didn't want my first doll to be a brand new one though, since the chance of it turning out wrong was very high. So I picked up my first monster high doll from the thrift shop.

But now I really can't figure her out? judging from the fabric paint it's a frankie stein, but her skin seems greener than normal. and instead of black streaks in her hair she has these 2 orange ones right on top.

She came with these monster high roller skates too but since shoes are easily changed around I don't really think that those are something to decide on. 

The thought went through my head that she might be a fake, but the quality of the plastic and factory paint seems too good for that? (even with it being a secondhand and not as pristine as it could be)

Does anyone have any idea what edition my doll might be?

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A Frankie Stein with orange streaks? Hmm...I'm not sure if there are any of those.

This and the darker green skin sounds a bit like what some of the fakes have. Is there any way you can take a picture of the doll's face? 

Why post description instead of showing a photo?

Only green ghoul with orange streaks on hair is Casta Fierce and she's a big sister body.

green with black and orange hair? sounds like Casta Fierce but she wouldn't fit standard MH shoes would she? her feet are bigger.

Post a pic, then we can tell you what she is.

I've only just joined this site and couldn't seem to get my pic to be added into a reply here, so I've simply uploaded them in my photo's. I hope the lighting isn't too bad to be able to make out the colouring? I only just got back from my job and the lighting here isn't that good at this time of day.

There should be a grey bar just above what you type in, and one of the icons (second one along) is a little blue picture. You can choose the file you want to add to the reply. 

This is Casta Fierce, who the others are talking about. Does the doll look anything like her?

no i know casta and it's not her. Like i said the factory paint looks like frankie stein (one of the resaons for this is the scar on her cheek). 

shes a fake

I just moderated the photos, that's definitely a clone. Good news is, they're great for customising.

Oh thanks for clearing that up for me! I didn't know they made fakes of this quality.

Though I think perhaps the shoes might be the real deal. they have the monster high logo on the wheels.

That's a proper Monster-High-mould body, as well, which should be able to wear the official clothes -- interesting find! :)

Gotta love thrifting ^_^

she only cost 2,5€ so I didn't really mind if she was a fake, she felt sturdy enough and quality like enough too.

those I think are roller maze lagoona's skates year, random.


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