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Garrett Sander, the creator of Monster High is now a proud owner of one of my Monster High customs!  His partner contacted me and wanted me to remake Zombie Prom Ghoulia for Garrett!  I was thrilled and SO nervous about making her.  I took my time in her creation, and guess what...  He loves her!  I wanted to share this will everyone.  I love this line of dolls so much and I am honored that he picked one of my dolls to gift to Garrett for his collection.

Anyway, here she is, Garret Sander's custom Zombie Prom Ghoulia:

Her dress is made from an antique silk scarf, and her accessories are from a Liv set.  I still can't believe that she resides with Garrett!


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Of course he loved her- who wouldn't? :D

she looks cute !

How awesome is that?!  Congrats, on such a cool commission and a beautiful and creepy doll!

Thanks so much!

She's gorgeous! Congrats.

Congrats on this! Mattel wouldn't even accept my new MH ideas I sent them in the mail XD.

She is beautiful! I love the dress!

wooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooow! that's so cool!

Thanks, Ghouls!


That is so awesome... congrats! :D

She's awsome! Good job! I love her dress, where do you get those pretty high heels ??

i love the dress


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