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I'm sure everyone who has ever been in elementary school was informed of something called a compliment sandwich.  You start with a compliment, then you give a piece of constructive criticism, then another compliment.  Well this is that in forum game form.  Person one posts something they made.  A drawing or piece of writing, nothing too long, just a paragraph at most.  And the person below gives them a compliment sandwich.  Then posts some of their own work.  And so on and so forth.  


Also, the key word is constructive criticism.  Which means give reasons.  If I feel anyone is being needlessly mean or just flat out flaming I will simply delete your post.

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1. Tt's cute, and made me smile.

2. You have rhyme, but you don't have meter. Big problem there. You can have meter without rhyme, and both together, but rhyme by itself with no meter makes me cringe. Also, it's quite cliché "jump with joy" "shines into my world", and why does Sunshine make you so happy?

3. I like sunshine too. 



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