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Hi guys, I decided to write a little short story. I loved the Robot Chicken skits about Barbie, Bratz and Monster High, so I decided to write my own. Is it perfect? absolutely not. Are there a lot of mistakes? Absolutely. But I wanted to have some fun and it was a blast to write. Hope you guys enjoy. 

The Barbie Story

Once Upon a Time there was a girl named Barbara Millicent Roberts. Born March 9, 1959 to George and Margaret Roberts. She is the eldest of 4 children. Barbie has a perfect life. She is the prettiest girl in the entire world, She's good at everything. She has had several dozen different jobs throughout her life and even became President of the United States... multiple times. Barbie couldn't be happier. One day, Barbie realizes she's not like everyone else and decides to figure out why she's different only to discover she's a Barbie girl living in a Barbie world created by the evil Doctors Harold Matson and Elliot Handler. Who go by the codename "Mattel". Mattel has one purpose and that's to turn Earth into a Barbie world by brain washing everyone and make them want to be just like Barbie and her friends. For 42 years Mattel's plans succeed and Earth is almost turned completely into a Barbie world. Just when Mattel thinks they've taken over the world, along come "The Bratz". Created by Carter Bryant and Isaac Larian of "MGAE", a company set out to stop the impending doom of a Barbie World. The Bratz express their "Bratitude" in their fashion and accessories. With large eyes, lips, heads and feet they are nothing like Barbie. The Bratz begin to convince the world to be themselves again. Express your Passion for Fashion or whatever you may be into. Mattel becomes enraged that their plans of world domination have failed and seek revenge. Mattel sends Barbie to do their dirty work and kill the Bratz. Cloe, Yasmin, Sasha and Jade of the Bratzpack are out celebrating their success of saving the world. But things go awry when Barbie is hit and killed by the Bratz in their convertible. The Bratz don't know what to do, they've accidentally killed Barbie. So they wrap her up and hide her in a sarcophagus. The Bratz have finally saved the world from the evil Mattel and everything is back to normal in the world. Mattel becomes suspicious when Barbie goes M.I.A. and decide they can't let the Bratz take over. They create a clone of Barbie to fill in for her while she is gone, not realizing she is gone forever. But the clone isn't exactly what they were expecting. Mattel accidentally mixed a strand of Barbie and Cloe's hair when trying to clone Barbie, Creating "Kennedy", with Big Lips and Feet she is a refreshing new model of a Barbie doll. Under the codename "My Scene" Mattel once again tries to brain wash the world. They succeeded in making a Barbie world. That is until the Bratz came back. The two brands battle for world domination and things spiral out of control. Causing the great doll-pocalypse. Lasting for years the world is at its worst. But the Bratz succeed and kill of My Scene and the wanna-be Barbie. By 2010 everything in the world seems to be back to normal, MGAE flourishes and Bratitude rules the world. Until Barbie rises from the dead and disguises herself as Cleo de Nile. When Barbie returns to the dilapidated Mattel and tells them what had happened they are in shock that MGAE had pulled the wool over their eyes. Mattel decides to take advantage of Barbie's alter-ego and use it for evil! They once again try and take over the world. With the help of unlikely friends Dracula and Apple White, they open Schools for Monsters and Fairytales called Monster High and Ever After High. They succeed in world domination once more but MGAE has one more trick up their sleeve. They decide to open a school for Witches and Wizards in hopes of saving the world... again! MGAE fails and Monster High and Ever After High flourish and the Bratz are killed off?.... Monster High and Ever After High become so popular that Mattel starts creating clones of the ghouls and mansters, making them more and more like Barbie and slowly transforming earth into a Barbie World. Will the Bratz ever return or will Mattel continue to rule this Barbie World? 

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It's so funny to imagine Barbie rising from the dead disguised as Cleo de Nile! This is what I would call an amazing metamorphosis! I'm not too sure what Cleo thinks of it but it made my day!

Haha yeah it was a stretch but I tried! Lol


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