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Make up the most random, silliest reason for being banned from this site.  Like this:


Banned for laughing at squirrels.

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unrelated to the discussion question: why?

Spectra A. Yelps said:

Banned for getting banned from (no joke, I really got banned from

^Banned for not being "Zazzy!"

This is a game, not real reasons to be banned. And it wasn't made up by a few random MODs, it's an official rules. Please, stop breaking the rules.

I do not mean to backseat MOD or anything, there's just no MODs on.

My sincerest apologies MODs of MHD.

MHdolllover said:

being banned for writing in caps on the main chatroom.   those are some MODS rules.

Banned for banning yourself!!!!

Banned for liking Smosh

Banned for wishing the admin was covered in monkey soda.

Banned for your profile picture.

Banned for YOUR Profile pic!

Banned for banning me

Banned for being a liar! :P

Banned for saying meow after every sentence meow

Banned for copying Frankie's stitches in tattoo form.   :)


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