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Make up the most random, silliest reason for being banned from this site.  Like this:


Banned for laughing at squirrels.

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Banned for saying you like Monster High!

Banned for loving Britney Spears

banned for saying old yeller in a dogs club

Banned for not having any photos on the computer

Banned for being sooooooo bored right now.

Banned for thinking the same thing as someone else

Banned for just joining today and already replying to a butt load of discussions, and joining a bunch of groups!

banned for looking at the forums 

Banned for anything that everyone has or ever will write on this thread!

Banned for getting banned from (no joke, I really got banned from

Banned for sitting here writing a comment on, while wearing Monster high pajamas, Monster high underwear/Monster high bra, glasses that came from a Monster high themed glasses case, and Monster high brand nail polish on a Monster high themed bed while looking at a Monster high poster that's across from my bed, and a shelf that has Nightmare, my custom, the design lab playset, little Monster high chibis I made, that Count Fabulous light thing, and the fangtastic display case or whatever it was called with Heath and two Abbeys on it, and two trunks full of Monster highs underneath it (the shelf).

Banned for typing this emoji to a mod: :p


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