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This is a horror story that I wrote in class. The plot goes like this. (If you see this:_______ That is where the characters will go but we will name them) ______ and their family just moved into 13 Coffin Crestent.What they never knew was that the house had a few scary suprises for them! As____ was walking about the house they hear a bump but no one is there. Suddenly they hear a voice (We can make up what the voice says) It is cold and dark. ____ is scared and walks away. That night ___ hears a loud bang and creeps down the eerie staircase then one of the stairs break and ____ falls throuugh it. 

Ok so that the plot then we can make up the rest on what happens to the main character.

Characters to be:

Robecca Steam; Taken

Toralei Stripe:Taken.

Catrine DeMew:Taken.

Werecat Twins: Taken.


Rochelle Goyle:Taken.

Venus McFlytrap:Taken.

Cleo De Nile:

Frankie Stein:Taken

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((May I please join as Catrina DeMew and Venus McFlytrap? Or, if not both, then Catrina DeMew?))
(May I please join as Rochelle Goyle?)

((You are all who you asked to be!))

((Well we need to pick who ha each role in the story.))


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