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Yes I know this has been do e before, but either it was before I started RPing or I wasn't invited.


Anyone else must ask, and I can no if I want to. If I do say no, don't take it personally.


It's ten years later. Miranda is now married to Wen and they have two kids named morgana and andromeda. Eveline and Ethan are married but with no kids. Jason and Andrea are engaged with twins on the way. Prizm in still a lone wolf and the oldest at age 31. Switched witches is still together. Candice is now dating Dylan, perry and Gwen own a guitar store. Harmony is a part time computer technician. Coral has moved into the bayou. Tricia is probably doing time in jail. And Fawna now loves in the bayou as well, but in a way larger house due to racking in the most amount of cash. Every year they all get together at Miranda mansion (same one she's always lived in, cause she inherited it) and spend the day just chilling

Please give a backstory about each character before beginning with them. Have fun

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((Do Chelsea and jake have any kids yet))
((Okay and yeah it might be fun for them to have one. It should be a daughter named viona))
(Sure lets do the honeymoon in the other RP and the we can start))
Miranda pours out tea for every one
((you do know that they ate having tea in the garden of Miranda's house right))
"Oh" said miranda
Miranda continued pouring tea while wen fed morgana. Then everyone started talking about Andreas pregnancy
"Oh dear" said jake "this may get hectic"
Jake spit out his tea "that's genius"
((Riley might come later))
((I figured that))
((And I haven't read it nor seen the movie, I just have an overly obsessed friend))
"Okay" jake agrees as he turned and watched his daughter play with andromeda


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