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Just what the title says.  Tell a lie about the person above you.  For example, the person below me says: 


Josh Impsfeld wears girls' underwear.


Then the next person makes up a lie about the person above them.  Simple enough?  OK, since I'm on top, someone make up a lie about me first...

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Steve is really steve from minecraft

Everything is Awesome steals food from celebrities then sells it online for a fortune.

Is really a mouse in a cat costume dressed as a dog dressed as a horse dressed as a witch dressed as Baby Sinclair dressed as Equestia Girls Rarity dressed as Abbey Bomiable dressed as a duck dressed as Elmo dressed as Sheldon Cooper dressed as The Hulk dressed as Barbie dressed as Jessica Rabbit dressed as Godzilla dressed as Wonder Woman dressed as a rock!

Operetta fanboy is an operetta fangirl

Ansel is addicted to garlic.

Please stop this. It isn't funny unless you know the person getting dished upon. Time to take it into the new millenium and spread some joy and love. There is enough negativity in this world already. 

Ansel hates all mods

^Likes to lick blue and green wallpaper!


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