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Just what the title says.  Tell a lie about the person above you.  For example, the person below me says: 


Josh Impsfeld wears girls' underwear.


Then the next person makes up a lie about the person above them.  Simple enough?  OK, since I'm on top, someone make up a lie about me first...

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Monster girl has a note book full of pictures of Heath burns
your actually a cat
you eat octopus pudding
You eat dirt
you eat worms covered in the dirt that I ate
Monster girl is secretly Dora
Firms da hates Gir
Monstergirl like eating TVs.
Girmanda favorit holiday is Norrismas in wich she celbrates the awsomness of "Chuck Norris"
Harriet Harper is from the planet blob
Sally Centaur only eats pickled eggs.
Harriet Harper eats pants


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