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Just what the title says.  Tell a lie about the person above you.  For example, the person below me says: 


Josh Impsfeld wears girls' underwear.


Then the next person makes up a lie about the person above them.  Simple enough?  OK, since I'm on top, someone make up a lie about me first...

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Josh Imspfield is a crazed Lady Gaga fan! :3
Electra Photon has no liver.
Josh Impsfield is Ke$ha's secret lover!

Electra Photon isn't addicted to cereal; she can stop eating it any time she wants.

Josh Imspfield likes to makeout with camels. :3
Josh Impsfeld is a man who wears panties
Cats R Angelz secretly makes out with Edward Cullen.
MadeThisWay hates puppies.

MadeThisWay, 4 Arachne! said:
IEatIdiots like to lick her feet
MadethisWay is secretly a fairy.
MadeThisWay bites her nails until they're stumps.

MadeThisWay☠ said:
Bones lives in a cardboard box and only eats starbucks.
MadeThisWay is Rebecca Black and Justin Bieber's poor child.
iEatIdiots owns a unicorn.


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