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I have thought a lot of people would beat me to this discussion... Anyway I want to know everyone's opinion about who Frankie should be with. I personally think Holt. Jackson has Claire from Ghouls Rule, and in Scarily Ever After Threadrella's prince is Holt. Hope to here from you all!! ;)

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Thanks for all your opinions guys!! Can't wait to hear more!!!

I second this.

Gaea said:


Ya maybe Andy wood be a better pick because he is two people...... Wait maybe he is with the monster thing....
Holt. :D

I've always been a Frankie and Jackson fan. I was rather angry about the Claire thing in Ghoul's Rule though so I'm going to have Frankie date my Vampire CAM boy. lol

Holt all the way! :D He's awsome and Frankie needs to loosen up a bit.

Frankie and Jackson are so cute together!

The split personality mess aside (unless they actually DID split), I've always thought Holt and Operetta would be a cool couple. They can play music together since they have the passion (LIKE IN A MUSIC FESTIVAL, MATTEL!!!!) and eventually marry, open a diener with a club on the second floor and raise a family in a farm in Lousiana where they raise pigs and that was just weird :/

I still think frankie and holt wood be good together because Frankie mellows out holt and holt keeps frankie from being to "help everybody"


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