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I have thought a lot of people would beat me to this discussion... Anyway I want to know everyone's opinion about who Frankie should be with. I personally think Holt. Jackson has Claire from Ghouls Rule, and in Scarily Ever After Threadrella's prince is Holt. Hope to here from you all!! ;)

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I can see where you are coming from but I have to say Jackson. They have dated before and he's so sweet and cute. :)

Team Jackson all the way. Talking from experience, the boy with the club beat thumping in his heart isn't going to stick around, but the quite boy who takes the time to stop and listen is the one you can depend on.

This question doesn't make sense; they're alternate personalities of the same person.

Team Jackson, and I volunteer to be the captain ;)

I was actually a little bit disappointed when I saw in a review that Holt was the prince in the little Threaderella book, I'm glad we didn't get that doll. I can see why they chose him as it may be more exciting or romanticized this way, but IMHO it perhaps would have been a better message to young girls if it was Jackson.  Now, this is a small thing, I'm just stating my opinion, that is all.  I hope that my girls will grow-up being attracted to the Jackson-type (reserved, humble, patient, sensitive, etc) rather than the Holt-type (loud, brazen, obnoxious, self-centered, etc).

Disclaimer: I do not hold toy companies responsible in raising my children, the responsibility of course falls on parents and I teach my kids and instill values and morals in them and explain things to them when things are not in full-alignment with my belief and value system. This is just my personal opinion and matter of preference, so please don't freak-out as some did when I expressed my dislike for some of the wave 1 skirts lol.

Seeing how they're both the same person, just different aspects of said person, I vote for team 'Both'.

Or as a theory, there could be a single girl who likes facets of both personalities and is willing to enter a monogamous and polyamorous relationship with both sides wherein she actively cares for both. Given that Jackson is the dominant personality, one can assume that the majority of the time she would spend with Jackson, but would be able to give Holt the same love and attention when he comes in passing, as she is aware that both individuals are one and the same and yet totally different. It's not that hard to keep a stable polyamorous relationship going, and Jackson and Holt's partner could, in theory, improve the dialogue between the two.


im deffo team jackson, although i think id like holt more if he had a different voice and said more than "yo frankie fiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiine" or "arrooowwwoowoowowoooooo" thats just me lol

Except they did, because Frankie said she'd date them both if they could work through their animosities towards each other.

Holt. I think Jackson is the kind of best friend of Frankie, even in some international magazines they said that they are best friends and only best friends. I think that would be cute. Why Holt? Holt is a characters kind like Cleo is, they need other characters to give them personality. Like Frankie can bring the best from Holt, and she has proven to always belive that Holt isn't bad, and seems the only monster that likes Holt not only for his looks and for being a D.J. Because sadly all the other monsters that like Holt is only for is looks and talents.

Holt is a characters that can be more than what he his in episodes, in his diary he is much more calm and interesting, and the way he feels bad for his mistakes. In Jackson's diary Holt shows that he does care for Jackson, and they are now more like friends, Holt even told Manny to stop annoying Jackson, and Manny stoped, but Jackson doesn't know who was the monster that did that and Holt seems to want to help Jackson but with him not noticing.


Anyways I love Frankie and Holt/Jackson story, and for taking soo long since whe had news about them, I believe Mattel has big plans for that, if not why still they are shown them as the love interests of Frankie? (I am speaking of Scary Tales and even her vanity). Probably we will have a special that will care about this part, and strange how it seems we won't see dolls of Jackson and Holt so soon.

And still Mattel can really use the last transformation that they will have, since Jackson's doctor told him their transformation would change before they are adults.

lol I seriously ♥ how in depth some of these discussions get at times, you guys rock ☺

Team Jackson! Mostly because of the book, he sounded so sweet and adorable


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