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Went to Target for groceries & went to toys just for a look. OMG! They had EVERYTHING!!!! Color me creepy, 13 wishes (no Gigi) dance festival, Cleo's playset, Spectra's playset, Heath & Abbey, Cleo & Ghoulia, Locker case. The list goes on. I was on the fence about Twyla b4 I saw her. She is SO cute in person. They fixed the Color problem & she is just adorable. They also had a display out that says "Creep back on 9/13/13 to see a clawesome new ghoul" its all pink & shiny w/ Cattys silhouette. Happy haunting!

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Did they have the new Power Ghouls?
Yes did they have power ghouls?

Daenerys18 said:
Did they have the new Power Ghouls?

Which Raleigh Target did you go to?

Update guys,,, I went to Target during lunch ,, that particular store looked as if they finished their re-set,, they had most of the new dolls,
Festival dolls
all the 13 wishes including Gigi, and Spectra's DJ playset
New picture day

The new 5 pack
Lagoona's Shower
Draculaura's Die-ner
Fresh stock of Small box Scaris
The new locker case
Catty Noir's display stand.
But sadly not the new power ghouls , but they had a butt load of the 1st two.
I asked the manager while he was stocking up, to check how many of the old PG's they had in stock, and the stock number matched what they had on the floor... He told me he was familiar with the two new ones because customers have been calling, and his guess "they will probably arrive anytime now, most likely they've been held in their warehouse until the bulk of the stores dump more of the clearance items, but their going to red-sticker the old ones with the clearance price, and mark out the barcode , and change the clearance price in the system.. He told me keep calling everyday they'll show up anytime now.. Hope this helps guys.
I forgot - I told him they had a Presale online for the dolls, and does that mean the store won't get them until after they complete those sales, he said "no" the store inventory doesn't reflect what's sold online, the stores could get them first/same time/ or after. We knew that already.. Happy hunting .
I don't know if the op was referring to the one on Lynn Rd but they have restocked a while ago. Also should point out that Brier Creek restocked as well but no Dance packs were put out. They will probably wait until after the sale to put them out.

Sorry Guys!! I wasn't able to get online til now. I was talking about the Triangle town Target. No power ghouls and no dance pack. They have pretty much everything else though.


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