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Hurry to preorder

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Will check store, but, never have

back order now...

When the first pre-order was in stock what was the ship g date ?
Think 8/23 to 9/1 ?
Just hope can get it right..uggg..same DPCI number for all..but different online # ?
Thanks,,, I saw the back pre-order was still available , but I'll Wait because as we all know the dolls usually show up in the stores before they start shipping the pre orders, plus I don't want to pay shipping.

Monster Hot said:
Think 8/23 to 9/1 ?
Also, online it says IN STOCK, but again, Target uses the same DPCI #, so it's not there..wave 1 is there.
i saw that, and I was thinking the same thing, id be very skeptical to do the "back order pre-order".

Monster Hot said:
Also, online it says IN STOCK, but again, Target uses the same DPCI #, so it's not there..wave 1 is there.

I pre-ordered one this morning with a shipping estimate of 8/23-9/11, but I'm ok with that.  My Targets still haven't put out the Dance Class 5 packs, and if Cat Tastrophe does get stocked by the time I receive my package, I'll just buy her in store then return one when the other arrives.

After the bad experience ordering Home Ick Abbey and Heath and recieving Mad Science instead I dont trust Target to get this one right:( and besides I would rather find them in stores and not have to pay shipping... Not to mention making sure there makeup and hair is decent:)
Even though I did recieve the actual Dance Class 5-pack and not Skull Shores...which was a

Well for anyone who was on the fence about Toralei, she's no longer available online (Frankie still is) nor are any of the new dolls available in the stores. I called four stores in my area and all they got are new shipments of Clawdeen and Spectra Power Ghouls. No one has any idea when the new dolls are coming in since they all share the same item number. One lady said if the website shows a back order of 2-4 weeks and a shipping date near Sept 1st, then it'll be around that time that they'll probably start getting regular shipments as the online orders come first.

I kinda regret not putting in the order when I got the notice at 6am this morning, but because the PGs all share the same item number, I would have been taking a risk of getting the wrong doll. So I'm just going to wait and possibly catch Catty, Toralei & Frankie around the same time. I'm in no serious rush.


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