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Tara doll (daughter of Chucky)has moved into town.  Welcome her to town in this thrilling new RP!

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Mera: Hi! I'm Mera Night! Daughter of the Night mere monster!
Tara: Eh. At least you're not normie. If you're normie I'll eat you. I'm a cannibal just like dad!

((Ahh! scary pic!!! take it down! NOW!!))


((thank you))

Tara; *sigh* At least my mom is normal. GLEN GET OFF THE CHANDOLEIR!

Just a little said mera

A girl with blue hair ran up to Tera.

"Hi, I'm Vera! Welcome to town!" Vera smiled, showing fangs.
Two 'bone-skinny'Gothic kids --boy and girl-- ran up behind Vera.

"Spire It." the girl wheezed.

"Spir. It." the guy said between breaths of air

Glen! Get down!!!! cried Tara 

Sorry my brother is VERY crazy." Tara said


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